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Peter joined PWL Capital in 2004 to learn the business from the ground up. After 14 years, many designations and an MBA later, Peter is now a Partner, Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner in the Layton-Guay Team.
Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Benjamin completed a degree in mechanical engineering before pursuing a career in financial services via the MBA program at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business.
Susan Daley is a Portfolio Manager at PWL Capital Inc. She is passionate about simplifying complex financial ideas to help clients achieve their financial aspirations. She runs a YouTube Channel with the same mandate, called Your Money, Your Choices.
James is a founding partner and Portfolio Manager at PWL Capital Inc. in Montreal with over 25 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals.
Building on her passion to help people gain financial control of their lives, Nancy joined PWL Capital’s Ottawa office in 2000. She became a Portfolio Manager in 2006. Since ‘analysis’ alone didn’t always answer client’s questions, she launched the “No Dumb Questions” video series in 2016.
Believes wealth management should be based on facts and repeatable processes, rather than stories about the future.
With more than a decade of experience managing portfolios, Justin is focused on keeping costs and taxes low for his clients. His skills as an analyst and researcher have made him widely respected in the ETF industry.
Raymond is the Director of Research at PWL Capital. He rigorously analyzes PWL’s investment strategies and makes sure they are well supported by academic research. Raymond has worked extensively as an institutional portfolio manager, with a particular focus on fixed-income securities and derivative products
Cameron and PWL have been leading advocates of evidence-based (indexed) investing for over 20 years in the Ottawa area. The team at PWL Ottawa serve a broad clientele, with a specialty in technology entrepreneurs and their employees.
Since 2016, Brady Plunkett has been key to Team Graham’s financial planning, marketing and business development, and assisting with client care – in short, a bit of everything on any given day. Brady is an IIROC-licensed investment advisor.
Dan works with clients to combine investment management with long-term financial planning. He also promotes investor education through his blog, articles and podcast.
Tony is a founding partner, Chairman of the Board and Portfolio Manager at PWL in Montreal with over 35 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. He is a firm believer that conflict-free advice is the only way to properly serve Canadian investors.
Kristine is a certified retirement coach, speaker, blogger and a former engineer, Businesswoman of the Year, and strategic planner. She is also a PWL Capital client.
After graduating in 1979, Peter was a Senior Simulation Scientist with the Computer Modelling Group (CMG) in Calgary. After leaving CMG, Peter was the President of software start-up Dynamic Reservoir Systems (DRS) also in Calgary. He joined the University of Waterloo in 1987, where he was a Professor in the Cheriton School of Computer Science for 29 years. He is now a Distinguished Professor Emeritus.
Dan is a best-selling author and a sales coach to advisory firms throughout the World. He gives presentations to large groups, conducts workshops and engages in one-on-one coaching.
Mark Sutcliffe is an award-winning broadcaster, columnist, author, blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, volunteer, community activist and Order of Ottawa member who has played a leadership role in several distinct fields throughout his 30-year career.
François Doyon La Rochelle is a Portfolio Manager with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Partner in the Parkyn-Doyon La Rochelle Team in the Montreal office of PWL Capital Inc. he prides himself in helping clients reach their financial objectives.