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The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 55: Being Frugal: The Crux of Financial Happiness

Joining us on the podcast today is Jonathan Clements, former Wall Street Journal columnist, founder of HumbleDollar and author of From Here to Financial Happiness, How to Think About Money and several other books. Jonathan is a well-known name in the world of personal finance as he has been giving financial advice for more than 20 years.

Advanced Investing

Are Markets More or Less Efficient?

If you’ve got a fair amount of common sense – and you must, if you’re following my Common Sense Investing series – you probably already know that perfection is hard to find. In other words, in the search for solid answers to life’s greatest questions, you’ll usually find a lot more shades of gray, than pure-black or all-white.

Advanced Investing

Can Your Index Investments Be Too Diversified?

In many walks of life, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. What about in your portfolio? Every so often, I hear someone argue that investing in index funds can leave you over-diversified. The logic goes something like this: Instead of buying all of the companies in an index, you could buy a subset of only the “good” ones, to potentially outperform the index as a whole.

DIY Investing

GICs vs. Bond ETFs: A Case Study and Bold Adventure

Star Trek may have introduced the expression, “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” but we’re the ones who actually get to do it in today’s post. To my knowledge, nobody has ever compared the before- and after-tax returns of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) ladders versus bond ETFs. At least I’ve not found an unbiased, historical comparison anyplace online.