Current Job Openings

+ Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager Assistant (Ottawa Office)


About PWL

PWL is a wealth management boutique with a winning approach. We integrate financial planning with investment management to offer our clients sound, measurable growth.

At PWL, you have the freedom to run your practice your way, yet you are also part of a collegial environment with common beliefs and values. We offer a powerful wealth management framework. We adhere to a proven investment philosophy. And we emphasize fee-based solutions that foster both greater integrity and more successful advisory practices.

The PWL Capital difference

PWL provides extensive support to help you attract and serve highly desirable private and institutional clients, yet we do so without the bureaucracy inherent in many larger firms. In other words, we offer the perfect balance between small-firm intimacy and large-firm resources.

Here are a few more things that make us different:

  • You are an owner. As a PWL advisor, you contractually own your book and have the right to sell part or all of it at your discretion. In addition, you will become a corporate shareholder. That means you will have real say in our future direction, and the value of your equity will grow along with the firm. Given our track record of growth, the upside potential is highly compelling.
  • You have exceptional earning potential. You will enjoy an extremely competitive compensation package. You will also be provided with tools and resources to focus on earning a stronger and steadier stream of income through fee-based revenue generation. This not only leads to enhanced earning potential today, it can lead to a significantly more valuable book when you eventually sell or retire.
  • You have greater support. In addition to the in-depth support of PWL’s investments, marketing and operational professionals, you will also benefit from the support of fellow advisors who share your entrepreneurial spirit, business approach, and investment style. As a result, you can take a vacation with complete confidence that your colleagues will be able to responsibly serve your clients.
  • Your clients enjoy a great experience. Although you are free to manage your clients’ wealth according to your own preferences, you also have access to a proven wealth management framework. This framework helps each client experience a personalized and detailed approach to financial planning, investing, insurance, and tax minimization.
  • Your transition is seamless. When it comes to moving your practice to PWL, we will handle the administrative and logistical details with tremendous care. And, unlike many firms, we will work with you to develop an attractive compensation package without locking you into any long-term contracts or loan schemes.

Is PWL right for you?

Because the culture and philosophy of PWL is such an important part of our strength, it’s crucial to make sure that your goals and values fit with ours. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we should continue our dialogue:

  1. Do you believe that putting the interests of clients first is the best way to build an enduring and prosperous advisory practice?
  2. Are you seeking an environment with more freedom and entrepreneurial opportunity?
  3. Are you interested in owning your book and becoming a shareholder in a growing firm?
  4. Would you appreciate a more active voice in the direction of your firm, and less top-down bureaucracy?
  5. Would you like to continue (or begin) to build a more profitable and valuable practice based on fee-based investment solutions?
  6. Do you value the concept of a institutional-style investment philosophy supported by academic insights and practical experience?
  7. Do you believe in total transparency, including a firm that does not earn sales commissions, promote proprietary products, or participate in securities underwriting?
  8. Are you looking to move your practice further upscale to target wealthier private and/or institutional clients?
  9. Does a more collaborative and collegial work environment appeal to you?
  10. Are you comfortable with moving your practice, knowing that you will have a team of operational specialists to assist you with a smooth transition?