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Reboot Your Portfolio: 9 Steps to Successful Investing with ETFs

by Dan Bortolotti

A step-by-step guide to a proven, simple, low-cost strategy that beats the performance of most professional money managers.

With low-cost alternatives and low trading costs widely available to the average investor, why do Canadians still struggle to manage their money effectively?

Many stubbornly believe that successful investing is about outsmarting the market and forecasting the economy, even though these strategies routinely fail. So, we focus on the wrong things – such as short-term market moves, or which stocks to buy – and take inappropriate risks, losing sight of the fact that a portfolio is simply a tool to help us achieve our goals: buying a house, saving for a comfortable retirement, or a university education for our kids.

Whether your nest egg is $1,000 or $1 million, Reboot Your Portfolio is the roadmap you need to take control of your investments, shake off your bad habits, reduce your money stress, and enjoy the financial future you deserve.

  • Offers a simple nine-step approach to building a low-cost, low-maintenance, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • Covers all the steps you need to know to set financial goals, select ETFs, open accounts and place orders, build and maintain your portfolio, and stick with your plan for the long haul.
  • Written by an award-winning journalist and the creator of Canadian Couch Potato, one of the longest-running and most popular financial blogs in the country.

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Reboot your portfolio

Model Portfolios

  • 80% bonds - 20% stocks
    YTD Return -0.61%
    1-Year Total Return 1.75%
    3-Year Annualized Return 5.65%
    5-Year Annualized Return 4.00%
    10-Year Annualized Return 5.03%
    20-Year Annualized Return 5.55%
    25-Year Annualized Return 5.98%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -3.87%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 4.25%
  • 70% bonds - 30% stocks
    YTD Return 1.00%
    1-Year Total Return 4.31%
    3-Year Annualized Return 6.29%
    5-Year Annualized Return 4.86%
    10-Year Annualized Return 5.95%
    20-Year Annualized Return 5.92%
    25-Year Annualized Return 6.26%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -7.80%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 4.89%
  • 60% bonds - 40% stocks
    YTD Return 2.77%
    1-Year Total Return 7.03%
    3-Year Annualized Return 6.99%
    5-Year Annualized Return 5.80%
    10-Year Annualized Return 6.96%
    20-Year Annualized Return 6.25%
    25-Year Annualized Return 6.54%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -11.55%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 5.70%
  • 50% bonds - 50% stocks
    YTD Return 4.48%
    1-Year Total Return 9.76%
    3-Year Annualized Return 7.66%
    5-Year Annualized Return 6.67%
    10-Year Annualized Return 7.84%
    20-Year Annualized Return 6.61%
    25-Year Annualized Return 6.80%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -15.47%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 6.68%
  • 40% bonds - 60% stocks
    YTD Return 6.10%
    1-Year Total Return 12.45%
    3-Year Annualized Return 8.27%
    5-Year Annualized Return 7.52%
    10-Year Annualized Return 8.73%
    20-Year Annualized Return 6.91%
    25-Year Annualized Return 7.00%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -19.33%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 7.73%
  • 30% bonds - 70% stocks
    YTD Return 7.78%
    1-Year Total Return 15.24%
    3-Year Annualized Return 8.95%
    5-Year Annualized Return 8.44%
    10-Year Annualized Return 9.70%
    20-Year Annualized Return 7.23%
    25-Year Annualized Return 7.22%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -23.08%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 8.84%
  • 20% bonds - 80% stocks
    YTD Return 9.49%
    1-Year Total Return 18.11%
    3-Year Annualized Return 9.58%
    5-Year Annualized Return 9.29%
    10-Year Annualized Return 10.56%
    20-Year Annualized Return 7.52%
    25-Year Annualized Return 7.40%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -26.93%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 10.01%
  • 10% bonds - 90% stocks
    YTD Return 11.11%
    1-Year Total Return 20.94%
    3-Year Annualized Return 10.16%
    5-Year Annualized Return 10.12%
    10-Year Annualized Return 11.44%
    20-Year Annualized Return 7.75%
    25-Year Annualized Return 7.53%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -30.72%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 11.20%
  • 100% stocks
    YTD Return 12.79%
    1-Year Total Return 23.88%
    3-Year Annualized Return 10.81%
    5-Year Annualized Return 11.02%
    10-Year Annualized Return 12.39%
    20-Year Annualized Return 8.00%
    25-Year Annualized Return 7.66%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -34.41%
    25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 12.42%

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