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MSCI: On A Slow Boat to China A Shares

Like it or not, many ETF investors are about to get an extra dose of China in their portfolios this year, thanks in part to index provider MSCI. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is certainly not a fan of their decision. He has recently written to MSCI’s CEO, looking for answers as to why the company has included China A shares in their emerging markets indexes.

DIY Investing

GICs vs. Bond ETFs: A Case Study and Bold Adventure

Star Trek may have introduced the expression, “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” but we’re the ones who actually get to do it in today’s post. To my knowledge, nobody has ever compared the before- and after-tax returns of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) ladders versus bond ETFs. At least I’ve not found an unbiased, historical comparison anyplace online.

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Understanding International Equity ETFs

In the last installment of my “Understanding ETFs” series, we toured the U.S. equity ETF landscape, covering solutions you can use to diversify your portfolio’s domestic stock allocation. Today, let’s head overseas, to explore how to further diversify your global portfolio by adding ETFs from other developed markets around the globe.