Starting Out

Intro to Retirement Planning for Millennials

For most millennials, retirement seems like it’s ages away; a future you problem. The cards might seem to be stacked against us: the number of Defined Benefit pension plans are falling, we’re living longer, student debt levels are rising, and house prices are massive compared to our incomes. I break down the basic concepts of retirement planning in this video to help you get started.

Personal Wealth

Should GICs Replace Bonds in a Portfolio?

Should GICs Replace Bonds in a Portfolio? To answer this question, we first need to understand the difference between a bond fund’s yield to maturity and the interest rate on a GIC. We then need to understand the relative tax efficiency of GICs compared to bond funds, and how it may impact after-tax returns.

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What Is a Mutual Fund?

Of course, there are other kinds of structures that work in a similar fashion, by pooling your money with other people’s investments and delivering a fair share of the earnings or losses to you. But there are a few significant advantages to mutual funds in particular. Most folks aren’t aware of them, even though they can be pretty important.

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Critical Illness Insurance

What would happen to you if you were diagnosed with cancer, had a stroke, or suffered from another critical illness? In Canada, we’re fortunate to have universal healthcare. However, our healthcare system won’t cover all the costs of having a critical illness, which is where Critical Illness Insurance comes into play.

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How To Advocate for Your Own Best Mortgage

Do you have a mortgage on your home, or have you been thinking about getting one? Given how quickly many lenders dive straight into the weeds – interest rates, pre-approval processes, lending policies, etc. – it may feel as if something’s missing. Like, which, if any, is the best mortgage for your particular needs?

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I Tracked All My Taxes for a Year

According to the Fraser Institute, Canadians pay about 43% of their income in taxes. To test their tax estimate against my own situation, I tracked all the various taxes I paid throughout the year. I reveal how much I paid, and how I stack up against the Fraser Institute’s estimates.