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The Ulysses Contract

According to legend, Ulysses, the hero of Homer’s epic tale, the Odyssey, encounters the Sirens on his return from the Trojan war. The Sirens lured sailors to their doom through their enchanting music and singing.

Personal Wealth

Putting dividend investing under the microscope

Dividend investing has long been a favourite strategy for Canadian investors who are attracted by the prospect of earning a large stream of income, especially in an era of declining interest rates.
However, the poor performance of dividend stocks during the pandemic-induced market decline and subsequent recovery highlights some of the risks associated with this strategy.

Personal Wealth

Should I go to cash?

“That market correction was too much for me. It was unexpected, it was quick, and it caused me worry. I know the market values have partially recovered from their lows, but what can I do now to protect myself? What if the market declines again?”

Personal Wealth

The Rational Reminder Podcast 102: Dr. Brian Portnoy: Underwriting a Meaningful Life

Even though we learn that money is merely a means of exchange, a store of value, or a unit of account, it’s so much more than this. Money captures so much of what we grapple with like hope, joy, fear, regret, and envy, yet it’s widely surveyed as being the least spoken-about issue when compared to religion, mortality, and marriage. Dr. Brian Portnoy, the author of The Geometry of Wealth, joins us today to share his view on wealth.

Personal Wealth

What’s behind the stock market rebound?

Since hitting lows in mid-March, most stock markets have regained about half of what they lost from their peak in mid-February. That’s led many people to wonder why the markets have come back so far, so fast, given the severity of the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behavioural Finance

Are my savings goals in ruins (Part 2)?

In a recent blog we discussed how a fall in market prices today leads to an expectation of higher returns tomorrow. We explore this in more detail by considering the impact of the fall in portfolio values at the end of March and the revised expected returns on investors in different stage of their lives.