Personal Wealth

A Cautionary Tale on Your Best Interests

As a savvy consumer, you probably already know: It’s not just how much you’re paying for an item, it’s also knowing what you’re getting. In fact, an unfolding CBC News exposé of the Canadian banking system has revealed how often you may think you’re being offered solid financial advice, when you’re actually receiving a hard sales pitch.

Compliance & Governance

Why So Many $&@*% Questions?

Whether you’re a new client or an existing one with a new action plan, you can’t wait to get started. Neither can we! But first – there’s just a teensy bit of paperwork to complete. Okay, I confess, it may be quite a lot of paperwork, with a lot of pretty personal questions.

Personal Wealth

What is an IPS and why you need one

Investment advisors make sales calls every day, pushing investments that often aren’t in their clients’ best interest. Sometimes they don’t even bother to make a call. They just load up accounts with investments and beg for forgiveness later, if and when things go wrong.