Starting Out

Is Investing Risky? Yes … and No

One of the most common perceptions about investing is that it is risky. This is easy to state, but harder to defend when you get into the details. To decide whether or not investing is risky, we first need to think about what “risk” is. Depending on what you are investing in – and what you are investing for – there are different ways to think about and measure risk.

Starting Out

Are You Ready for a Recession?

It has been more than a decade since the last U.S. recession. Prior to that, the longest gap between recessions was exactly a decade. Moreover, when I started drafting this post and its related video, the U.S. yield curve had briefly inverted, which means longer-term bond rates were lower than shorter-term bond rates. Besides this being a bit Alice-in-Wonderland-like, inverted yield curves also have been good predictors of coming U.S. recessions.

Living in Retirement

Will I Spend Less When I Retire?

So … you’re thinking about retiring. Someday, anyway. To prepare, you’ve been saving to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). Maybe you’ve got a pension at work, and have been calculating what to expect from the government.

Starting Out

Intro to Retirement Planning for Millennials

For most millennials, retirement seems like it’s ages away; a future you problem. The cards might seem to be stacked against us: the number of Defined Benefit pension plans are falling, we’re living longer, student debt levels are rising, and house prices are massive compared to our incomes. I break down the basic concepts of retirement planning in this video to help you get started.

Starting Out

Rent or Own Your Home? A Handy 5% Rule

I have discussed renting versus buying a home several times before – such as here, here, and here. Today, I want to correct a common misperception on that front, plus provide a sensible solution for helping you decide whether to rent or own your home. I call it the 5% Rule.

DIY Investing

Understanding Canadian Equity ETFs

Hello everyone. Are you ready for a crash course in understanding exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? Today, we’ll kick things off by popping the hoods on a sporty collection of Canadian equity ETF solutions for your portfolio’s domestic stock allocation.

Personal Wealth

Year End Financial Tips

Another year is essentially over, but there is still time to get a couple financial items off your to do list before the year end. While there are lots of things to do when it comes to personal finance, there are a few that are time sensitive and have annual deadlines. Here are some items you’ll want to check off your list before December 31st.