Peter Guay and his team are here to help you achieve your financial goals. Driven by an investment philosophy grounded in academic research, the Peter Guay team will help you make the best financial choices for your future.

Peter Guay
Peter joined PWL Capital in 2004 and learned the firm’s client-first philosophy from the ground up. Eighteen years and many designations later, he is now a seasoned Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner working with families across the country.


Passing on the Cottage: A Guide for Families

After years of enjoyment, people often reach a point where they no longer have the desire or capacity to maintain a second property. Deciding how, and to whom, to transfer one’s cottage isn’t an easy process.

Whether you’re the cottage owner or the next generation that will inherit, this guide is designed to help you and your family decide what succession options will work best for you. From direct ownership to creating a trust to selling to a third party, both emotional and practical sides need to be considered when creating your plan.

Here are some of the insights that this guide can provide:

  • How to have open and effective family conversations
  • The pros and cons of various succession options
  • An explanation of capital gains tax and the principal residence exemption
  • The elements to consider for shared ownership agreements
  • When to seek professional advice

Our goal is to help families have constructive conversations that lead to solutions that everyone in the family is comfortable with. Enjoy the read!

Who We Are

Trust. A notion too often assumed and not earned. Peter and his experienced team have earned a highly valued position of trust with families across Canada, acting as lead advisors in their financial affairs. Working with Peter, you can expect a relationship based on transparency and objectivity.

  • Conflict-free, transparent and independent advice

    The Peter Guay team is fee-based and not compensated by investment products sold — unlike “big bank” brokerage firms that collect commissions and often underwrite the products they sell and stocks they promote.
  • Reduced uncertainty and risk

    By investing based on a sound strategy grounded in academic research, you can break the typical cycle of simply “betting” on stocks and trying to guess the future.
  • Going beyond the portfolio

    Peter stands ready to provide valuable financial advice on issues involving family, cottages, business interests and charitable giving.
  • Leveraging a multi-disciplinary team

    Clients derive added value from a multi-disciplinary team that structures cohesive strategies for investments, tax, retirement and other planning.

Peter and the team are proud to support this important organization in the Montreal area

The Depot has been a collaborative community leader in food security serving a large territory centered around NDG for nearly 30 years. The Depot is a recognized Good Food Organization of Community Food Centres Canada and winner of the Agnes Higgins and Greater Montreal Community Awards.

Model Portfolios

For illustration purposes only. Actual client portfolios may be different.  As of December 31, 2023.

  • Performance Conservative
    1-Year Total Return 7.46%
    3-Year Annualized Return 1.09%
    5-Year Annualized Return 3.39%
    10-Year Annualized Return 3.57%
    20-Year Annualized Return 4.24%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -8.16%
    20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 4.07%
  • Performance Cautious
    1-Year Total Return 9.29%
    3-Year Annualized Return 2.89%
    5-Year Annualized Return 5.12%
    10-Year Annualized Return 4.99%
    20-Year Annualized Return 5.19%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -16.54%
    20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 6.03%
  • Performance Balanced
    1-Year Total Return 11.13%
    3-Year Annualized Return 4.67%
    5-Year Annualized Return 6.80%
    10-Year Annualized Return 6.38%
    20-Year Annualized Return 6.09%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -24.84%
    20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 8.23%
  • Performance Assertive
    1-Year Total Return 12.97%
    3-Year Annualized Return 6.44%
    5-Year Annualized Return 8.43%
    10-Year Annualized Return 7.73%
    20-Year Annualized Return 6.93%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -32.49%
    20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 10.52%
  • Performance Aggressive
    1-Year Total Return 14.75%
    3-Year Annualized Return 7.95%
    5-Year Annualized Return 9.91%
    10-Year Annualized Return 8.75%
    20-Year Annualized Return 7.55%
    Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -37.35%
    20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 12.27%

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