Simona supports Geena and Shweta in day-to-day account administration and works closely with Julia on account document preparation. Her diligence in this role helps to ensure each client receives exceptional service.

In addition to being a full-time employee, Simona is pursuing her education at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University where she is completing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Outside of work, Simona is passionate about interior design, hot yoga and going on long walks exploring the city with her fluffy Pomeranian, Banjo.

Peter Guay Team

Who We Are

Trust. A notion too often assumed and not earned. Peter and his experienced team have earned a highly valued position of trust with families across Canada, acting as lead advisors in their financial affairs. Working with Peter, you can expect a relationship based on transparency and objectivity.

  • Conflict-free, transparent and independent advice

    The Peter Guay team is fee-based and not compensated by investment products sold — unlike “big bank” brokerage firms that collect commissions and often underwrite the products they sell and stocks they promote.
  • Reduced uncertainty and risk

    By investing based on scientific evidence with a sound strategy grounded in academic research, you can break the typical cycle of simply “betting” on stocks and trying to guess the future.
  • Going beyond the portfolio

    Peter stands ready to provide valuable financial advice on issues involving family, cottages, business interests and charitable giving.
  • Leveraging a multi-disciplinary team

    Clients derive added value from a multi-disciplinary team that structures cohesive strategies for investments, tax, retirement and other planning.

Get in Touch with the Peter Guay Team

  • Peter works with clients whose household investable assets total $1 million or more.