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Standing Out Podcast: Meghan Dagenais: Restoring Confidence | BYA Special

“If we’re doing a great job, you should never know we’re there.” That’s how Meghan Dagenais describes her fascinating career as co-founder and president of Restoration Co. Providing specialized subcontracting services to home improvement contractors across Canada, Meghan and her team do their important work behind the scenes. But that didn’t stop the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa from noticing Meghan’s energy, determination, and team-building skills, and naming her a finalist in its 2020 Business Woman of the Year Emerging Entrepreneurs category.

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Standing Out Podcast: Sabrina Fitzgerald: Compartmentalizing Success | BYA Special

As a finalist in the 2019 BYA’s in the Professional Services category, Sabrina Fitzgerald describes a scenic view to becoming the Managing Partner of the National Capital Region of PwC. Stemming from early mentorship from her father, Sabrina opens up to how she consistently discovers ways to be creative inside PwC, including adventure & internal teaching opportunities in Canada.

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Standing Out Podcast: Roxanne Whiting: Subject to Interpretation | BYA Special

Born to deaf parents, Roxanne Whiting knows the challenges deaf people face as they struggle to hear and be heard. She’s also familiar with the inexperience most people have at interpreting sign language. As co-owner and director of video interpreting for SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETING ASSOCIATES OTTAWA (SLIAO), Roxanne is harnessing the latest technologies to bridge these critical communication gaps.

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Standing Out Podcast: Heather Desjardins: Opening Doors | BYA Special

Having founded Open Door Educational Services in 2013, Heather Desjardins felt as if she was just getting started in a field filled with possibilities. So, she was especially honored to be named a finalist in the Established Entrepreneurs category for the 2020 Women’s Business Network of Ottawa Business Woman of the Year awards. After leading a small academy’s special education program, Heather combined her spark for business strategy with her desire to help a broader range of special ed. students.

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Standing Out Podcast: Jennifer Reynolds: Make a Fresh Start | BYA Special

As a finalist in the 2020 Women’s Business Network of Ottawa Business Woman of the Year Emerging Entrepreneurs category, Jennifer Reynolds shows how a bit of fresh thinking can invigorate even a relatively staid profession, like divorce attorney. Founder of Fresh Legal, Jennifer was determined to provide a fresh-start approach for individuals seeking mediation or legal services during separation or divorce.

Personal Wealth
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Protecting Your Money Against Malfeasance

First things first: While the worst scandals tend to receive the most attention, the vast majority of financial professionals are solid financial stewards. Honest and reputable – if unnewsworthy. That said, startling financial scandals do happen. From high-paid sports heroes to widows of modest means, nobody is immune from being bilked by the very people they turn to for solid financial advice. If anything, the risks are heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic turning everyone’s lives upside down. Not surprisingly, identity theft and financial fraud in general are as alive and well as ever.

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Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 136: Chasing Top Fund Managers

When you see funds performing monumentally well, you may feel regretful for not investing in them earlier. There is, however, a long history of funds that skyrocketed only to have major falls from grace a brief period after. The bulk of today’s episode is spent exploring this idea in the portfolio topic section but before getting into that, we kick the show off with some updates.

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Good Debt, Bad Debt, and Uncertain Times

It’s probably safe to say, few of us imagined what we’d be facing in 2020 before the year arrived. Even if you had wisely established a rainy-day fund for just these sorts of uncertain times, it’s possible you underestimated how long or severe uncertainty can be. If so, even as a stalwart saver, you may have taken on some debt to see you through – or you may at least be considering it.

Personal Wealth

Standing Out Podcast: Tonya Bruin: Building the Foundation for Customer Service | BYA Special

“Is a little customer service too much to ask for?” Who hasn’t wondered this after hiring a so-so contractor to renovate their home or business? While most of us vent our frustration and move on, Tonya Bruin decided to do something about it. In 2015, she founded “To-Do Done,” a residential and commercial renovation service, and champion of customer care.

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