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5 Ways to Pay for Post-Secondary Education

If you’re looking to fund your own or your child’s education but haven’t regularly saved for several years towards those expenses, there are a number of options for paying for expensive tuition, housing and textbook costs. In today’s post, I’ll outline the 5 ways you can pay for education costs or put away short-term savings for it.

Advanced Investing
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Asset Allocation in Plain English

Have you ever noticed? What’s clear to an “insider” isn’t always so obvious to everyone else. Doctors, lawyers, engineers … investment advisors. I’m afraid we’ve all been guilty of tossing around too many technical terms without defining them first.

Advanced Investing
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Fundamental Indexing

Rob Arnott, the founder of Research Affiliates, was on the Masters in Business podcast a while back. He said something that, to me, was fascinating. He criticized Dimensional Fund Advisors for starting with market cap weights to build their products.

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