Behavioural Finance

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 115: Actively Managed Funds vs. COVID-19, Behavioral Nudges, and a Sustainable Investing Update

Our focus for this episode of the Rational Reminder is split into two sections; first, we cycle through our regular features, looking at a number of studies and articles of interest, the market during the pandemic, and our bad advice segment, and then Benjamin is joined by Tim Nash to talk about ethical investing and comment on Wealthsimple’s new sustainable portfolio.

Advanced Investing

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode: 113: Mega Cap Growth Stocks (FAAMG, TSLA), RESP Withdrawals, and a Golden Portfolio

The hype to invest in high-cap tech companies is deafening. In this episode, we share what you need to know before buying FANG company stocks. Although FANG is the popular term, our analysis includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Tesla, and Microsoft — so it’s closer to the less slick-sounding FAAATM.

Starting Out

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 112: Michael Kitces on Retirement Research and the Business of Financial Advice

Michael weighs in on three approaches to variable spending, why people can do what they love and still retire well, and his research on the ‘rising equity glidepath’. He also speaks about why it’s normal to start saving after you hit forty, and why withdrawal policy statements can help you have a better idea of when your portfolio is in the red.

Featured Contributors

  • Peter Guay

    MBA, CFA, Portfolio Manager
  • Benjamin Felix

    MBA, CFA, CFP, CIM®, Portfolio Manager
  • James Parkyn

    Adm. A. CIM, FCSI, F.Pl, Portfolio Manager
  • Nancy Graham

    CPA, CA, CFP®, CIM, TEP, Portfolio Manager
  • Justin Bender

    CFA, CFP, B.Comm., Portfolio Manager
  • Raymond Kerzérho

    CFA, Director of Research
  • Graham Westmacott

    CFA, Portfolio Manager
  • Susan Daley

    CFA, CFP, Portfolio Manager
  • Cameron Passmore

    CIM®, FMA, FCSI, Portfolio Manager
  • Brady Plunkett

    CIM®, Associate Portfolio Manager
  • Dan Bortolotti

    CFP, CIM®, Portfolio Manager
  • Anthony Layton

    MBA, CIM®, Chairman of the Board, Portfolio Manager
  • Kristine van der Pas-Norenius

    Certified Retirement Transition Coach and happy PWL client
  • Peter Forsyth

    Emeritus Professor
  • Dan Solin

    The New York Times' best-selling author of the Smartest series of books
  • Mark Sutcliffe

    Writer, Broadcaster, PWL client and advocate
  • François Doyon La Rochelle

    B.B.A., CFA, Portfolio Manager
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