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The Rational Reminder Episode 126: Dr. Brian Portnoy and Josh Brown: Beyond the Orthodoxy – How Financial Pros Invest

Dr. Brian Portnoy and Josh Brown’s book How I Invest My Money, captures the stories and investment strategies of 25 top financial advisors. The book highlights that while there are established dogmas that tell you how and why you ought to invest, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to invest. Today we speak with Brian and Josh about the key insights that we can derive from their work.

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Podcast: The Active-Passive Barometer

In this episode of Capital Topics, James Parkyn, François Doyon La Rochelle and Raymond Kerzérho discuss the following subjects: Canadian banks launch a new type of bonds and The “Active-Passive Barometer” report from Morningstar

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Standing Out Podcast: Anjali Dilawri: Laughter and Conversation | BYA Special

Some good things really do come in smaller packages – such as the close-knit networking group Anjali Dilawri co-founded several years ago. Called “Laughter and Conversation,” this select business women’s group has helped participants make a meaningful difference in one another’s lives. Similarly, after her maternity leave, Dilawri opted out of her former “big six” CPA firm career, and joined the mid-sized Logan Katz, LLP. There, she was able to work part-time when her kids were young, and transition into becoming the firm’s first female partner. A finalist in the 2019 Women’s Business Network of Ottawa Business Woman of the Year Professional category, Dilawri describes how she has successfully balanced family and career in today’s Standing Out podcast.

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Standing Out Podcast: Amy Friesen: In Support of Seniors and Their Families | BYA Special

In today’s episode, you’ll hear Amy’s bold story, which earned her a 2018 Business Woman of the Year Emerging Entrepreneur award from the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa. Listen to some of Lynn’s own timeless words of wisdom in today’s podcast, and discover why she was a finalist in the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa Businesswoman of the Year awards.

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Standing Out Podcast: Lynn Ferron: Where Business, Athletics and Nature Unite | BYA Special Episode

You might not think you could find a common thread among business, athletics and a love for nature. That would be before you heard today’s episode, with HOK Principal Lynn Ferron. Living by her motto, “get involved, and reap the benefits,” Lynn also is president of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), and loves to mentor future interior designers. An avid outdoor runner, she is inspired by nature’s timeless designs, and integrates the results into her work.

Starting Out

Don’t Let 2020’s “Breaking News” Break Your Investment Resolve

Unfortunately, too much news glut can be harmful to your financial and emotional well-being alike. How so? Whether you know it or not, your deep-down brain reacts to certain cues, like the color red in a headline (“Made you look!”) or a repeated falsehood, presented as fact (which becomes more believable simply because you’ve heard it more than once).

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