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The Rational Reminder Podcast 111: Gold, Insuring your Insurance, and Bank Sales Pitches

With the gold price reaching record highs, we revisit the contentious issue of whether you should add gold to your portfolio. Before mining that topic, we talk about Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber and Am I Being Too Subtle? — our book recommendations of the week. We then touch on key news stories including how the recent Apple stock split has affected its position in the Dow index.

Advanced Investing

Should You Be Worried That the Fed Is a “Money Printer”?

If asset prices reflect expectations about the future, the market rising should be viewed with optimism, but there might be less optimism, and there may even be pessimism, about a market that is being artificially propped up by a central bank. What if the central bank can’t print any more money and stock prices drop? And how can all of this money printing be good for the country’s currency?

Advanced Investing

The Rational Reminder Podcast 108: Dr. William Bernstein: Praying for a Bear Market

In keeping with our recent tide of incredible guests, today’s one is no exception. Dr. William Bernstein, a financial theorist, advisor, and neurologist, joins us to share some of his incredible insights. As the author of several seminal books such as The Intelligent Asset Allocator and The Four Pillars of Investing, Dr. Bernstein has made his mark applying his medical evidence-based approach to investing.

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