Behavioural Finance

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 75: Money & Behaviour: Understanding Investing from a Psychological Perspective with Daniel Crosby

On today’s episode, we have Dr. Daniel Crosby joining us for an insightful discussion about the psychology behind investing behaviour. Dr. Crosby is a behavioural finance expert and asset manager who applies his study of market psychology to help people better understand the financial decisions they make and to shed some new light on our ability to be rational.

Advanced Investing

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 74: Playing with FIRE, Having a Belief System, and Term Life Insurance

We are proud to say that last week’s show received our highest amount of downloads yet, with 10 000 in its first week, so a big thank you to our listeners for that. We begin our discussion this week with some takeaways from the Playing With FIRE documentary about doing affordable things that feel good as a way of cutting costs.

Advanced Investing

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 73: Finance for Physicians: Personal Finance for High Income Earners with the Loonie Doctor

In today’s episode, we are joined by an exciting guest, The Loonie Doctor, of The Loonie Doctor blog to talk about his work not only on physician finance but also on holistic wealth. A physician by training, The Loonie Doctor has scaled back his practice to put more work into the blog and financial education.

Advanced Investing

For Investors, a Little Home Country Bias Goes a Long Way

Global diversification is one of the keys to a well-constructed portfolio. We have known this for a long time – and investors have been largely ignoring it for just as long.

In their 1991 paper, Investor Diversification and International Equity Markets, Ken French and James Poterba documented investors’ preference for owning stocks from their home country, commonly known as home country bias. They found investors preferred domestic stocks because they expected higher returns in their own equity market compared to other countries’ markets.

Advanced Investing

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 72: Interest Rates, Optimal Asset Location, and Reverse Mortgages

Today on The Rational Reminder Podcast, we talk about the relationship between asset allocation and outcome, the ins and outs of reverse mortgages, and finally, life insurance (or lack thereof) in Canada. However, we begin by sharing some interesting points covered in a recent Barry Ritholtz interview with Eugene Fama and David Booth for his Masters in Business show.

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