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New Ebook: A Better Way to Fund Your Retirement

Figuring out how to fund your retirement from your savings has been called the most difficult challenge in personal finance. This eBook is here to help. It explains your options and provides you with strategies to get: a steady income throughout your retirement, more income without saving more, peace of mind that you’re on the right track. 

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The Rational Reminder Podcast 94: The Stock Market vs. The Economy, and Assessing Risk Tolerance

When it comes to the question of whether the economy affects the stock market, it’s not about whether the former is in a good or bad state, but how that relates to what the market was expecting. In today’s episode we get into predictions about labour economics during COVID-19, the relationship between the market and the economy, and how to make decisions that suit your risk tolerance.

Personal Wealth

Should I Borrow to Invest While Markets are Down?

With stock markets down significantly across the globe as a result of the novel coronavirus in a matter of a month, it’s tempting to think stock markets are on sale and that you need to take advantage of that. Most don’t have large amounts of cash lying around, so borrowing to invest is one way to access that cash.

Personal Wealth

Rational Reminder Podcast: Taking Back your Amygdala and Flourishing Through a Crisis with Dr. Moira Somers and Dave Goetsch (EP.92)

In this episode, we take a less analytical position on the current situation to focus more on the behavioral side of things. Joining us are two returning guests, Dr. Moira Somers and Dave Goetsch, who share their unique perspectives in a very real and at times refreshingly comical conversation about how people could most beneficially respond to this moment in time.

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