Nancy Graham

CPA, CA, CIM®, CFP, TEP, Portfolio Manager

Building on her passion to help people gain financial control of their lives, Nancy joined PWL Capital’s Ottawa office in 2000. She became a Portfolio Manager in 2006.

Meet Nancy Graham – As the daughter of hard-working Manitoba grain farmers, Nancy grew up in an environment where discussing business, weather, and grain prices was essential for her family’s livelihood.  She learned making disciplined decisions in uncertain times was crucial to financial success. Inspired by her parents’ entrepreneurship, she earned a degree in finance and her Chartered Accountant designation. Over time, she also acquired her CFP, Chartered Investment Manager and Registered Trust and Estate Planner certifications.

Starting Out

How to Make the Most of Turning 18 in 2020

It’s hard to throw a big birthday bash in the middle of a pandemic. That said, with new financial opportunities to seize and a lengthy investment timeline ahead of you, you may end up luckier than you think. Here are a handful of 5 best practices for 18 year old’s we’ve provided in the past, to help you control your finances during this pandemic.

Personal Wealth

Standing Out Podcast – Karen Brownrigg: The Human Side of Human Resources | BYA Special Episode

As a seasoned human resources executive (and former 911 dispatcher!), Karen Brownrigg had seen it all across a tapestry of industries and sectors. What better background for launching her own HR advisory service in 2016? When COVID-19 arrived, Karen’s creative talents shifted into overdrive. In today’s podcast, she shares her ideas on how businesses can successfully “build the airplane while it’s flying,” by being flexible and inclusive, and investing in critical infrastructure.

Personal Wealth

Doris Belland: Investing in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Nancy and Brady recently spoke with Doris Belland about fixed income investing in the current environment. Doris is the founder and thought leader of the Women’s Money Group and Your Financial Launchpad. She is dedicated to empowering, teaching, mentoring and supporting women in learning about money and investing to support their financial independence.

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  • We chose Nancy Graham and PWL because of their 100% transparent management of our investments, and their calm, rational approach to investment strategies. Unlike most other investment advisors, PWL chooses investment vehicles without hidden commission and transaction fees, and thus do not suggest transactions that benefit the advisor more than the investor. Our investments, as selected on Nancy’s advice and expertise, have lower costs than commission-based products, leaving more return for us.

    Kristine van der Pas-Norenius, Entrepreneur and Strategy Consultant
  • I have found the level of service working with Nancy to be personal, respectful and comprehensive. She meets with me personally twice a year to review the performance of my portfolio; we regularly review my tolerance for risk. She responds directly to my requests for advice. I have found Cheryl, Nancy’s assistant, to be very efficient and helpful in all my dealings with her. After several years of working with Nancy, I ended my dealings with a second advisor and now work exclusively with Nancy.

    Craig Parks
  • I take great comfort in the rational, professional and personal services provided by Nancy Graham and PWL Capital. This firm is not about speculation or hot tips. They take the time to explain how their portfolios are built, the research that supports their approach and most importantly they take the time to understand you and your family. As a professional accountant, I respect the integrity of their process and the logic of their philosophy. If you are looking for investment advice I suggest that spending an hour with Nancy, a portfolio manager at PWL, would be a good investment of your time.

    Charles Armstrong
  • I have been a client of Nancy Graham’s since 2008. I came to her just prior to my divorce without a clue about how to deal with the financial aspects of this life change. Nancy guided me gently into the world of investments, taxes, and real estate while helping me get a handle on my spending habits. Planning for the future and retirement were a first priority. Also, Nancy has made some very wise investments and my portfolio is healthy even in these tough times. I’m pretty sure I would not be able to live without her now.

    Judi Tedlie
  • Excellent approach to hands off investing…have not looked at financial news in over 2 years … index investments are doing well and the PWL team takes care of the details.

    Kevin Thibert, Client Executive, CISCO
  • We started using Nancy as our sole investment advisor almost 3 years ago. In that time, we have never had a cause for regret. We are very happy with PWL’s investment strategy and we know we can largely “ignore” our investments, trusting that our portfolio is being well managed. Nancy takes the time to understand her clients and tailors communication to their needs. She is very flexible in meeting as frequently or infrequently as we prefer and we always find our meetings with her informative and worthwhile.

    David Nikkel, Software Development Manager & Kathy Nikkel, Teacher
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