Benjamin Felix

Portfolio Manager, MBA, CFA, CFP, CIM®

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Benjamin completed a degree in mechanical engineering before pursuing a career in financial services via the MBA program at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business.

Benjamin grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, before moving to Boston to complete a BSc in mechanical engineering at Northeastern University. During his stay in Boston he played NCAA division I basketball for the Northeastern Huskies. Benjamin went on to complete an MBA with a finance concentration from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business in 2013. He joined PWL Capital in 2013 after searching for a way to offer fiduciary advice and index fund portfolios to clients.

Starting Out

Episode 159: Bill Schultheis: Build Wealth and Get on With Your Life

The work of Bill Schultheis has had a profound effect on us here at the Rational Reminder Podcast, and eventually having him join us on the show is truly an honour! Bill is the author of the Coffeehouse Investor series and is currently the Principal and Senior Advisor at Soundmark, in Kirkland, Washington. Throughout his career Bill has dedicated himself to helping his clients make the choices that best serve them and their particular needs, and his approach has continued to grow and improve over the decades he has been in the game.

Market Research

Posted vs. Forward-Looking MERs

ETFs and mutual funds report their Management Expense Ratio (MER) semi-annually in their Management Report of Fund Performance (MRFP). The reported MER is the sum of the fund’s total management fees plus total operating expenses plus sales tax for the last year, all divided by the fund’s average assets for the period.

Starting Out

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 147: Paul Merriman: We’re Talking Millions

It takes only a handful of smart choices to convert regular savings into a secure future. Today we welcome famed financial educator Paul Merriman onto the show to discuss how the right habits and investing approach can add millions to your retirement nest egg. After chatting about his personal and professional background, we dive into Paul’s investing philosophy and how it’s been influenced by the work of Eugene Fama.

Starting Out

The Rational Reminder Podcast Episode 142: What is Financial Advice?

While there is no way of knowing what the best portfolio is, empirical data and financial economics have fixed the problems surrounding investing. But if we’ve fixed investing, then what’s the point of financial advisors? Today we dive into this topic and reveal why financial advice is still valuable to the everyday investor.

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  • I get a high growth portfolio, ongoing wealth management, and on-call advice from true financial experts for a set fee. I couldn’t be happier…

    Adam McNamara Tech Entrepreneur
  • It’s exactly how everyone said it would be – I don’t spend any time worrying about my investments.

    Dave Van Dusen Swift Delivery Systems
  • Great experience! Very friendly and accommodating. Great teachers…can’t say enough good stuff.

    Graham Ghent
  • PWL has a time-tested, thorough, systematic approach to investment management.

    B.L. Client since 2001
  • As a client of Cameron for several years, I have been impressed with his sound investment strategy and unique personalized service that makes my family feel as if we are his only customer. During this time I encouraged several high net worth colleagues to get in touch with him. As a testament to Cameron’s affable and informed manner, 100% of these contacts became customers of his. Seems like people know a good thing when they experience it…

    Phil Wyatt
  • I can give no greater reference for Ben, Cameron and staff than this testimonial. We’ve been with PWL for about 18 months and couldn’t be more pleased. Our money languished with another vendor garnering subpar returns for six years prior. Sure, we received our perfunctory annual Christmas basket, but our portfolio never returned the targeted gain. Not once…

    PWL has been on the money, with our money, from day one. Simple, Data Driven and Predictable. If you’re considering switching portfolio managers – Just Do It.

    Rudy Richman VirtualCSO
  • Cameron and team were most helpful in making our transition from US to Canada as smooth as possible given several complications and they have continued to provide guidance and advice that keeps us feeling confident about where we are headed.

    They have spared us sleepless nights.

    Ruth McKinney and Fred Faust Retired
  • PWL has always treated me as an important individual/client providing well founded, personalized advice and guidance. They are also very prompt when responding to queries and always manage to squeeze me in for either a telephone or in person meeting when needed.

    Excellent advice and customer service.

    Sandy Ouimet Retired
  • Very impressed with the attention given by representatives to your needs and requests as well as the promptness for assistance or any service requested.

    Ron Devries Retired
  • PWL’s client services are incredibly good. Any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly. I always feel well taken care of.

    James MacAulay
  • You guys are amazing. That simple.

    Nick S. Software Developer
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