On today’s episode,Benjamin and Cameron are talking real estate, specifically mortgage rates and REITs. For the first time since the early 90s, fixed mortgage rates are lower than variable ones, which have always been the popular choice. However, due to the fact that Canada’s yield curve is inverted,  short term rates higher than their long-term counterparts. This is not usually the case, which make it a great time to consider a fixed term mortgage, bearing in mind that it requires some lifestyle considerations. Benjamin and Cameron also provide some insights into the rental property market changes since 2015, with some astonishing figures. They then discuss REITs, which many think should be considered their own asset class. While it is often recommended to have REITs in your portfolio, research is starting to show that you are taking a great deal of risk you are not being compensated for. This means you may be better off investing in other options such as high exposure bonds which bear much less risk. For all this and much more, join us today!


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why fixed rate mortgages are now lower than variable rate ones. [0:03:58.0]
  • Interest rates went up, but the shape of the yield curve changed as well. [0:06:25.0]
  • Property prices have almost doubled relative to rent since 2015. [0:07:12.0]
  • What a rental wage is. [0:12:48.0]
  • What a REIT is and the benefits of investing one in your portfolio is. [0:17:05.0]
  • Why the risk of a REIT may not be justifiable. [0:21:01.0]
  • Variable annuity investors routinely outperform mutual fund investors [0:26:23.0]
  • And much more!



“I think that changing life circumstance affect the time horizon for owning real estate.” — @benjaminfelix [0:16:19]

“So, you throw handcuffs on people and it ends up they behave better.” — @CameronPassmore  [0:26:01]


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