Today on the show we are joined by Rob Carrick from The Globe and Mail! Rob has been writing about money and investing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of expertise and insight to share on everything from mutual funds to ETFs. In our discussion we cover common questions that Rob encounters, how his views have changed over the years, the parts of his job he has most enjoyed and his thoughts on where we are at right now. Rob comments on the feelings of worry and dissatisfaction that seems to characterize Canadian finances at the moment and talks about the FIRE Movement and lessons for the next generation. For all of this great content and much more, be sure to join on the podcast today!


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Key Points From This Episode:


  • The most common questions that Rob receives. [0:02:47.8]
  • Rob’s shifting perspective on seeking out an advisor.  [0:04:41.5]
  • Why Rob has traditionally enjoyed writing about housing investments [0:07:49.9]
  • The current financial climate and Rob’s take on it. [0:10:14.4]
  • Reasons why current financial worries are justified. [0:13:08.1]
  • The rise in popularity of ETFs. [0:14:50.9]
  • The bad rep that mutual funds have been getting recently.  [0:18:37.4]
  • Good practices for parents to teach their children about money. [0:21:42.2]
  • The FIRE Movement and comparing generational attitudes.  [0:24:56.6]
  • Rob’s own many practices and who he goes to for advice. [0:30:39.5]
  • How Rob defines success. [0:35:23.5]
  • And much more!




“As much information as there is on the internet, it’s not connecting with people, it’s too much, it’s not written in a comprehensible way, it’s contradicted by the next thing they read and they’re not satisfied.” Click To Tweet


“There’s a lot more attention on planning, on holistic advice, there’s more good people and good firms out there than they’re used to be and I have less trouble identifying them than I used to.” Click To Tweet


“I don’t like black and white. I don’t like people saying all mutual funds are bad, all ETF’s are good, far from it.” Click To Tweet


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Download the transcript of this episode:  The Rational Reminder Podcast Ep.39 – Transcript