Welcome to this holiday edition of the Rational Reminder Podcast. Today on the show we have a special treat for you. A little while back, Cameron made an incredible connection with our guest, David Goetsch. David is a writer and the Co-Executive Producer of the Big Bang Theory. David himself subscribes to our investment philosophy and he is passionate enough about it that he speaks about it at conferences every now and then. He is truly a fascinating guy and the impact that this investment philosophy had on him is unreal. Inside this episode David shares with us how he used to a be a self-described worrier who worried about every little thing in his life. But once he had his eyes opened up to this philosophy, it changed him forever. He now embraces uncertainty, he embraces risk, he is not worried about his portfolio at all, and it has given him a great amount of peace in his life. For an incredible conversation with an absolutely changed man, stay tuned to hear it all!


Dave Goetsch & Cameron Passmore
Dave Goetsch & Cameron Passmore

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How David’s financial advisor changed his entire life. [0:02:46.3]
  • What it means to become a transformed investor. [0:08:32.1]
  • The greatest impact that David’s philosophy had on his life. [0:10:19.7]
  • David’s relationship with his financial advisor; meetings, and guidance. [0:14:03.6]
  • How to think about the fees you pay your financial advisor. [0:16:11.1]
  • David’s miscalculation of risk in his life; moving to Hollywood. [0:22:36.0]
  • The journey of David’s career as writer in Hollywood. [0:27:17.3]
  • Schedule and writing process of the Big Bang Theory. [0:34:23.1]
  • How David defines success and happiness in his own life. [0:37:43.0]
  • The story of when David got check 1 of 104 from Big Bang Theory. [0:39:51.8]
  • And much more!




My financial adviser really changed my life. — @goetech [0:03:51.1]

I describe myself really as the chief worrier in any writer’s room. — @goetech [0:04:42.1]

I have a bunch of smart friends who are successful and make a lot of money and very few of them know what a fee-only fiduciary investment adviser is. — @goetech [0:04:42.1]

I used to think that I needed to save as much money for my kids to try and insulate them and protect them. But I now think I need to make sure that my kids know these ideas and that they can use this to take care of themselves and plan ahead.” — @goetech [0:25:38.1]

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