Welcome back to The Rational Reminder Podcast. Today we are joined by Daniel Weinand. Daniel is the cofounder of Shopify, which is a company based in Ottawa that has had enormous success, not just in Ottawa or Canada, but all over the world in the last few years as a public company. Shopify is a great commerce platform that supports over 600,000 different stores worldwide. It is an incredible success story, and the best way that we can describe the conversation was that it was very intense. Everything from the way Daniel thinks about things to what he’s been able to achieve comes down to his intensity, and you can actually see the wheels turning in his head while he speaks. So for an incredible interview, keep listening to hear more!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Daniel chose Canada and got involved in Shopify. [0:02:13.0]
  • Decisions that were transformational for the company. [0:04:21.0]
  • Daniel’s transition into retirement from Shopify. [0:06:07.0]
  • The role of happiness and self-fulfillment. [0:10:18.0]
  • The beauty of poker — a game of incomplete information. [0:11:19.0]
  • Creating a company culture. [0:19:16.0]
  • The impact financial security has on productivity and engagement for employees. [0:25:04.0]
  • How Daniel defines success. [0:26:25.0]
  • Why Daniel chose to work with PWL. [0:29:41.0]
  • The impact of money in Daniel’s life. [0:33:53.0]
  • And much more!


“The beauty of startup or the way how we ran our startup was that we made many decisions every day.” @danielweinand [0:04:22.1]

“Be humble enough to admit to yourself, it’s okay to start at the bottom and like work your way up.” [0:18:52.1]

“Culture is the willing behavior in the beliefs of a group of people.” [0:21:28.1]

“Make every hour count.” [0:37:23.1]


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