Welcome back to another episode of the Rational Reminder Podcast. Our guest today is a great friend and associate, Mark Sutcliffe! Mark is a well know media personality, community worker, philanthropist, business person, and investor. He also happens to be a great speaker and listener, which probably has something to do with him hosting his own radio show. Today we are extremely excited to be able able to interview him and pick his brain on all things rational, financial, and beyond.

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We chat about what makes Mark tick, his passions, his motivations, and what keeps him going. From there we dive into the financial industry and hear first-hand about Mark’s own learning curve and how he currently views investing. We then turn to the subject of Ottawa and look specifically at Mark’s work in and commitment to the city. A strong theme that arises in this episode is Mark’s view of his own good fortune and we finish off our interview with a meditation on the success he has experienced and some of his ambitions for the future. For all this and much more, be sure to listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mark’s passion and what keeps him motivated. [0:03:21.9]
  • A typical day in the life of Mark and how he gets through all this work. [0:04:34.3]
  • Mark’s forays into and experiences with investing. [0:06:44.2]
  • The gripes that Mark has with certain areas of the financial industry. [0:09:45.7]
  • Mark’s TED Talk and the role of luck in his life. [0:13:01.3]
  • Long term financial planning and how this links to the rest of Mark’s life. [0:17:17.4]
  • A big picture perspective and how this helps investors through volatility. [0:21:28.6]
  • The media’s role in public perception and culture around the markets. [0:23:07.2]
  • Mark’s current thoughts on the Ottawa business scene. [0:24:48.5]
  • The long standing association between Mark and PWL. [0:27:06.7]
  • The trend towards index investing in Canada and its growing popularity. [0:29:00.9]
  • Mark’s reflections on his successes and ambitions for the future. [0:31:19.2]
  • And much more!


“I think I have a compulsion towards ticking boxes and solving problems and that kind of thing. I think when I see something that’s not being done properly, I want to fix it.” — @_MarkSutcliffe [0:03:27.8]

“I hate waste of any kind, I hate wasting time, money, food, anything like that. I try to be really efficient with my schedule and not waste any time at all. That’s my strategy, my approach.” — @_MarkSutcliffe [0:06:14.4]

“If the industry is structured in a way that the incentives that are offered to them, put them at cross purposes with their clients at times then you know how that’s going to play out, right? — @_MarkSutcliffe [0:06:14.4]

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Mark Sutcliffe TEDx — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DXw1PCnEA8&feature=youtu.be

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Download the transcript of this episode: The_Rational_Reminder_Podcast_EP18_Transcript.