Today we are joined by a friend, hero, and a legend in the field fact based investing. Larry Swedroe is here to discuss his latest book, some of the timeless concepts he has been espousing for many years, and to give out a few golden nuggets of advice for your finances and retirement. Larry is so generous with his time and wisdom and we chat about a ton of chapters from his book, Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement, and he picks out a few ideas to focus on here in this quick discussion. Larry shares the biggest mistake he has noticed in retirement planning, lifestyle considerations moving into the final stages of life, estate transfer, underperforming stocks, and more! We draw on Larry’s wealth of experience to get some perspective on more current trends in the industry such as the fixation on costs of advisors and we finish off hearing from Larry about how he defines success as he nears the end of his professional career. For all this and more, be sure to join us for an extra special episode!


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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The four horsemen of the retirement apocalypse. [0:03:03.4]
  • Larry’s pick for the biggest mistake made in retirement planning. [0:06:32.9]
  • Non-financial considerations for those heading into retirement. [0:09:22.7]
  • Day to day preparations for finding meaning in the retirement years. [0:13:04.5]
  • Why it is important to expose yourself to independent risk factors. [0:15:34.6]
  • Understanding the reasons for never actually avoiding factors. [0:26:53.9]
  • How to avoid losing assets during the transfer of an estate. [0:29:16.4]
  • Taking underperformance into account when considering your investments. [0:32:58.3]
  • Looking at the financial industry’s shift in focus towards costs. [0:37:06.1]
  • Larry’s own definition of success moving into the end of his career and retirement. [0:41:55.1]
  • And much more!


“You have the dual hurdles of higher equity evaluations and much lower bond yields. Meaning, you’re going to have to save more because your returns are expected to be lower.” — @larryswedroe [0:04:47.8]

“One of the biggest mistakes that I see investors make is that they think of their expected return of their portfolio in a deterministic way.” — @larryswedroe


“You could spend your life building up these resources and then some con artist takes that money away from you because you’re not aware and don’t have the cognitive skills to protect yourselves any longer.” — @larryswedroe [0:12:15.4]

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Download the transcript of this episode: The Rational Reminder Podcast – Episode 30 Transcript