Welcome to Episode 36 of the Rational Reminder Podcast. Today we are going to roll out our new ETF model portfolios. This includes only two new ETF’s compared to a couch potato type portfolio that many of you might be familiar with. Nothing too revolutionary, but it certainly makes a meaningful difference. In this episode we also talk about asset location and review a couple of great podcasts that we’ve been listening to that provide interesting tidbits for investors, and some great information about the evolution of the industry, and about working with the clients. So, for an incredible conversation, be sure to join us!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Slicing up your portfolio for tax efficiency purposes. [0:01:57.6]
  • Controlling for pretax or after tax asset allocation. [0:05:0]
  • Optimal asset locations – highest yielding assets in tax free accounts. [0:06:05.0]
  • Having the same asset mix across all your portfolios & forgetting asset location. [0:09:51.1]
  • Intricate versus complex adaptive. [0:12:22.0]
  • The benefits of working with an adviser. [0:15:32.7]
  • Holding yourself accountable if you’re going at it alone. [0:17:09.0]
  • How it is much harder to find missed prices in the marketplace even for an expert. [0:19:40.0]
  • A history of the financial advice business and how it’s evolved into what it is today. [0:21:29.0]
  • Index investing and where people get their information from. [0:23:33.0]
  • ETF model portfolios that truly offer exposure to the factors. [0:26:11.0]
  • Why people should be thinking about small cap in value. [0:31:38.0]
  • And much more!



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Links From Today’s Episode:

Team Of Teams by US General Stanley McCrystal — https://www.amazon.com/Team-Teams-Rules-Engagement-Complex/dp/1591847486

Michael Kit’s Financial Adviser Success podcast — https://www.kitces.com/blog/category/21-financial-advisor-success-podcast/

Mitch Anthony — https://www.mitchanthony.com/

Dr. Moira Somers — http://moneymindandmeaning.com/about-moira/

Bill Gross — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_H._Gross

Patrick’s interview with Michael Kitces — http://investorfieldguide.com/kitces/

McKenzie Financial — https://www.mackenzieinvestments.com/

Coach Potato blog — https://canadiancouchpotato.com/

Vanguard — https://investor.vanguard.com/corporate-portal/


Download the transcript of this episode:  The Rational Reminder Podcast Ep.36 – Transcript