Introducing Kristine van der Pas-Norenius as Guest Blogger at PWL Capital!

Is retirement on your horizon? Unsure of how you will manage the transition from fully employed to a fulfilling retirement? Let me introduce you to Kristine van der Pas-Norenius, BSc, MSM, a certified retirement transition coach who can help you navigate one of life’s biggest changes, retirement.

After selling her business, Kris wasn’t quite ready for the change that confronted her with the seemingly loss of identity, daily structure, social circles and sense of utility. To help others avoid the pitfalls of an unhappy retirement, she became a certified retirement coach and launched, a place to inspire and inform those approaching their third act of life.

Retirement can be the longest phase of your life. Kris can help you discover the right retirement path for you and how to make the next3rd of your life, your best. She shares research-based insights, uses leading-edge assessment tools and applies goal-setting best practices garnered from her decades of business experience. You’ll love her positive energy, sharp focus and analytical insights.

Discover more about her services, read her blog at Next3rd or contact her at