Businesswoman of the Year Awards

In business, the practice of sharing ideas and solutions can be invaluable. This is especially true for women entrepreneurs who learn so much from each other’s stories and experience. Thankfully, organizations such as the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa (WBN), provide a supportive networking environment for women in business in the National Capital Region.

As a long-time member of the WBN, I am proud to announce that starting this year, my PWL Capital team will be the title sponsor for a series of events culminating with the Businesswoman of the Year Awards (BYAs) gala in April 2019.

Since 1981, the WBN has supported, promoted, empowered and recognized business women. As a leading champion for the female entrepreneurial spirit, the WBN offers amazing networking and mentorship opportunities for its members.

With more and more women becoming entrepreneurs, organizations like WBN provide women with great opportunities for coming together, learning from each other and exchanging best practices. Women everywhere bring innovative solutions to business challenges, and PWL is proud to lead the way.

We also believe that representation begins with recognition and the WBN Businesswoman of the Year Awards is a fantastic step in that direction.

2019 Business Women of the Year Awards - Women Business Network


This year’s twelve BYAs finalists will be announced on February 26th at the Finalist Cocktail Reception, at Lago Bar & Grill in Ottawa.  The event will feature @SandraTisiot as Honorary Chair and will be hosted by well known journalist and author, @JulieBeun. PWL is proud to present this event. Tickets are on sale here.