In my last post, I shared four “qualifying” questions you can use to determine whether a financial advisor is a good fit for your needs. As we continue with our “Best of No Dumb Questions” series, let’s review five more questions to ask a financial advisor, to help you further narrow the field.

And remember, to accompany this post, there’s also a more detailed, video version available in the “No Dumb Questions” library.

As I covered in my last post, a professional advisor can be an invaluable ally in your pursuit of financial well-being – but only if they’re demonstrably on your side. So, once you weed out those who lack the experience and acumen to get the job done, what else should you ask them?

1. What’s your client experience like?

If your “job applicant” makes the first cut, it’s time to start digging deeper to ensure you’re compatible with one another for the long haul. If you thrive in one environment and the advisor is offering another, the divide may be too wide to work.

2. What’s your investment strategy?

How clearly an advisor can describe a firm-wide strategy for investing your money seems well worth understanding before you sign any bottom lines.

3. What does your ideal client look like?

Odds are, you have specialized financial interests. Your ideal advisor should have an interest in and experience at working with people like you.

4. What’s your succession plan?

Does the advisor at least have one? And is the designated successor also a good fit for you … just in case?

5. Why should I work with you?

Last but not least, it can make sense to wrap with an open-ended question to give the advisor a chance to point out any details you may want to know about, but didn’t know to ask.

Again, check out my accompanying “Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor” video to learn more about this final question – and why, sometimes, what is left unsaid is as critical as what is spoken!

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