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The Case for Renting a Home – Part 1

March 30, 2018 - 0 comments

Heads or tails? Chocolate or vanilla? Rent or own? While the first choice is literally a coin toss and the second is personal preference, you may be surprised to learn that whether it’s better to rent or own your home is not the foregone conclusion most people assume.


At least from a financial perspective, is it better to rent or own your home? Believe it or not, there are several reasons it may make more financial sense if you decide to sign a lease instead of a mortgage. Even if you’ve got cash on hand, you still may want to rent your home, rather than buy one at today’s prices. For starters, whether it’s a starter home or a handsome mansion, renting can translate to less financial risk and more predictable costs. Also, your home may not be the sure-fire investment it seems everyone is always promising us.

Want to know how and why? Check into today’s instalment of Common Sense Investing. There’s a part 2 to this tale as well, so if your goal is to live happily ever after in the castle of your choice, be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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