Our Family Office advisors take care of all your financial needs including bookkeeping and cash management to balance and settle all your accounts.

For those in top wealth brackets, this can become a huge ongoing endeavour, so we work with them to relieve the burden of managing the day-to-day so they get more time to enjoy their success doing things they love.

Our Approach

Great bookkeeping is necessary for your financial health but can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Your time is valuable, and for our clients managing significant wealth, it can often be better utilized elsewhere.

We can take the organization, documentation and reporting execution off your shoulders, all the while communicating with you and implementing your financial plan.

With our Family Office services, we take care of the admin work and ensure that:

  • All fees and bills are paid on time
  • Cash flows are well managed
  • Tax compliance is adhered to

Our teams will ensure that all your day-to-day financial transactions, whether it be cash or credit are properly recorded and filed together. To keep you informed, we routinely generate comprehensive reports to help you follow the ins and outs of your accounts, as well as keep us all focused on the bigger picture goals.

What to Expect

Our bookkeeping and cash management services include:

  • Managing cash flows and registered accounts.
  • Balancing accounts and budgets.
  • Settling bills and invoices on time.
  • Following the financial plan, we develop together for savings and investments.
  • Provide ongoing support and communicate regularly.