For more information about COVID-19 in your area, visit the Health Canada’s COVID-19 website or your Provincial government’s website.

Why are PWL employees working from home?

PWL made the proactive decision to have all employees work from home. As more urgent news of COVID-19 began to surface, we decided to play our part in stopping the spread of the virus and protect our clients, employees and their respective families.

Our employees are fully operational and are equipped to securely log into our private network to serve you.


What if I need to speak with my advisor?

Your advisor team is still available to help answer any questions or requests that you might have. Simply send an email to your advisor or call them at their extension. If you do not have their contact information on hand, you can contact your advisor team via the Our Advisors page.


What if I need to meet with my advisor?

To uphold the Federal and Provincial guidelines on social distancing, PWL advisors are not hosting any in person meetings. However, our advisors will be more than happy to have a video conference meeting with you or a phone call.

To schedule a meeting with your advisor team, contact them directly.


Will PWL stay open during the Ontario and Quebec non-essential business shutdown?

Yes, PWL will continue to operate during the dual provincial non-essential business shutdowns.  We are fully operational on a Work From Home basis. As an asset management firm, we are considered an essential service. PWL falls under the “Financial Activities” category in Ontario and “Banking and Financial Services” category in Quebec.