Our advisors can help develop a unique family governance structure to account for everyone’s roles, responsibilities, as well as differences of opinion and competing interests.

This is integral to managing wealth within a family and keeping all generations on the same page financially.

We help guide you in this process with education and governance so that all family members are financially aware and understand their roles and responsibilities. We facilitate conflict resolution involving family members and offer objective expert advice on how to best achieve everyone’s objectives while keeping as much wealth as possible within the family.

How We Can Help

When working with us on governance and education, you can expect us to:

  • Help your family make financial decisions based on shared values.
  • Manage conflicts and contrasting opinions with impartial financial advice.
  • Establish roles and responsibilities for governance.
  • Teach younger generations to give them a solid understanding of finance and financial planning.
  • Remain transparent and report regularly on everyone’s goals.