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Estate planning is often delayed or postponed, despite being a crucial element in financial planning and wealth management.

You need a will, a mandate and a power of attorney as part of a comprehensive estate plan. We facilitate this process by helping you take inventory of your assets and all other financial information. We aren’t afraid to initiate discussions others are reluctant to have, like how you want your remains handled, who will be your executor or executrix, and who should get what.

Setting Up a Trust to Help Your Loved Ones

Our coordination with your estate lawyer or notary can add significant value during your estate planning. Thanks to our investment expertise, we can suggest customized provisions for your trust documents.

Setting up a trust has benefits during your life and afterwards. We understand the pros and cons of the two most commonly used trusts (testamentary trusts and living [“inter-vivos”] trusts) that are used to administer your estate after you’ve passed and permit you to set aside assets during your life for the benefit of your heirs.

How to Prepare for Estate Planning

As you prepare your will, we will need to:

  • Perform an inventory of your assets, liabilities, sources of income, insurance policies, and any additional financial information or considerations.
  • Account for succession plans if you own a business.
  • Establish executors, discuss your wishes for funeral arrangements and handling of the estate and trusts.
  • Review your goals and ensure your beneficiaries are accounted for according to your wishes.
  • Help you select an estate lawyer or notary, or work with yours.

While estate planning can be a topic of anxiety and stress, we never lose sight of your goal: to give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.