PWL Wealth Centre Instructions

PWL is proud to offer you a new, secure, dedicated site to access your financial information as well as a new safe way to exchange documents with your PWL team.

Up-to-date and mobile-friendly, the PWL Wealth Centre will allow access to your portfolio details, your asset allocation as well as current and historical portfolio performance.

Since the PWL Wealth Centre is separate from the National Bank My Portfolio Plus website, your username and password will be different.

PWL is pleased to offer you more ways to get timely access to your financial information.

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Account Activation Process

In order to gain access to the PWL Wealth Centre, you will need to activate your account by creating your own unique password. In order to activate your account, your PWL team will send you an email similar to this one:

Click on the personalized link and then follow the detailed instructions that will allow you to create your own unique password and answer security questions for login purposes. This email is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else.

Please note that for security reasons, only you will be able to complete your account activation process. In order to do so, you will need an account number for one of your PWL accounts.

Your username will be the email address that was used to receive this message, as it is the one we have on file at PWL.

You will be prompted to create a strong password that:

  • Is at least 8 characters long
  • Contains at least a lowercase character
  • Contains at least an uppercase character
  • Contains at least one these special characters (^$*.[]{}()?”!@#%&/,><‘:;|_~`)
  • Contains at least one number


The security questions and answers will help you to retrieve your password if you forget it.

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Login Page

Once your account has been activated, you will be presented with the PWL Wealth Centre login page. Enter your email address and the password you created then click the Login button.

Login Page


Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “reset your password here” link. You will be asked to provide the email address that we have on file. Once you have entered your email address, click on the Send reset email button.

Forgot Password dialog


You will receive an email containing instructions with a verification code to reset your password.  Please enter the code provided in order to proceed to the Reset Password screen and click on the Continue button.

Password Reset dialog

Follow the detailed instructions provided to reset your password.

Your new password will need to:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Contain at least a lowercase character
  • Contain at least an uppercase character
  • Contains at least one these special characters (^$*.[]{}()?”!@#%&/,><‘:;|_~`)
  • Contain at least one number

Password Update dialog

You will also have to respond to one of the security questions you chose when you first registered your login information. You will then be able to click on the Update Password button.

For security reasons, you will be asked to sign-in again, using your new password to log in.


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Dashboard page

The Dashboard page allows quick access to a summary view of your assets as well as your portfolio.

You will find the value of your assets managed by PWL, your other assets that PWL takes care of for you, as well as your Total Portfolio.

Your Portfolio values are current as of the last business day. This date is indicated beside your Total Portfolio value.

The Dashboard page will also display notifications of new documents made available for you to download.

If you have any questions, you can Contact your advisor directly from this page by using the link located below your advisor’s picture.

You can adjust your password and login questions in settings by clicking on the gear icon .


Dashboard Page


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Documents page

The Documents page allows you to consult and download documents from your PWL team, such as reports, statements and tax documents. You can also securely share and upload documents with your PWL team via an easy to use document transfer tool.

Your documents will be organized according to type, in their appropriate folders. By default, the All documents folder will allow you to see all of the documents that have been made available to you by your PWL Team, organized by date.

You will receive a notification automatically, telling you a new document has been made available to you. The notification will appear beside your name to indicate if you have new, unread documents.

Opening a document

In order to consult a document, click on the View Document icon beside each document’s name. Document Icon

Documents Page

Sending a document to my PWL Team

In order to securely send documents to your PWL Team, simply click on the  Add Document Button button in the left-hand menu.

This will lead you to the Upload Document dialog. The files must be less than 1GB in size and:

  • A Microsoft Office Document, or
  • A PDF file, or
  • An image, or
  • Zip archives

Your files should not be encrypted or password protected.

Document Upload dialog

To upload a document, first give it a name, and then either drag and drop the document or select the document from your computer. You can only upload one document at a time.

To start the upload process, click the Upload button. Once your upload is complete, your PWL Team will be notified.

You will be able to see the document you just uploaded in Your Added Documents folder.


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Portfolio page

The Portfolio page allows you to access a detailed view of your assets and how they are invested (also known as your Asset Allocation).  You will be able to see the current and historical Market Value of each of your accounts at PWL.

You will be able to consult your Portfolio holdings, including the amounts and percentages associated to Cash & Equivalent, Income Investments and Equity.

By default, you will see a consolidated view of all of your accounts. You can also select each individual account you have at PWL by using the menu located on the left-hand side and selecting the specific account you would like to review.

You can also select a precise day, up to 5 years in the past, to view details of the evolution of your portfolio.

Portfolio Page

The top portion of this screen is dedicated to the Portfolio Summary. Below, you will be able to access more information, starting with the Portfolio Details section that lists all the accounts you have with PWL.

Portfolio Page

You’ll be able to see your accounts, organized by Account Number, Type, Currency, Account Name, Market Value (CAD) and % of Your Total Portfolio. By default, the values are current. If you select a specific date, the values will update to reflect values of the date you selected.

Further down the Portfolio page, the Consolidated Portfolio Holdings section will allow you to access further details of your asset allocation. This section organizes your assets by Cash & Equivalent, Income Investments and Equity.

Portfolio Page

The Cash & Equivalent portion includes your Canadian dollar assets (CAD) as well as any other foreign currencies if applicable.

The Income Investments portion will further classify your assets between Fixed Income Investments and Other Income Investments.

The Equity portion is divided between Canadian Equity, U.S Equity and International Equity.

Please note that the % of Portfolio value will vary daily with market fluctuations and is based on the total value of your portfolio.


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Performance Page

The Performance page allows you access to your current and historical portfolio performance.

The Performance data is presented according to the Performance Groups, as established with your PWL team.

Performance Page

The Performance of your PWL portfolio is presented as both Annual Returns and Annualized Compound Returns.

Annual Returns are the rates of return, expressed as a percentage, that represent the cumulative effect of the gains and losses on an original amount of capital over a defined calendar year. The Year-to-date value is displayed first, followed by the previous 5 years performance data. If you are a new client of PWL, your returns will be displayed monthly.

Annualized Compound Returns represent the average year-over-year growth rate of an investment over a number of years.  They are presented according to YTD data, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and since inception.

The Year-to-date performance data is calculated monthly and you will be able to see the “as of” date over each performance group’s section.

In order to quickly access the performance numbers you are interested in viewing, you can either scroll through the various performance groups, or click on the name of the group in the menu.


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The Settings Menu, represented by the gear icon will allow you to modify your user preferences in the PWL Client Portal.

Resetting your Password

We recommend changing your password regularly to protect your account. In order to update your password, click on the gear icon and then click on Security Settings.

Settings Page

Clicking on Update Password will direct you to a screen where you will be able to enter a new password.

Password Update dialog

Your new password will need to:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Contain at least a lowercase character
  • Contain at least an uppercase character
  • Contains at least one these special characters (^$*.[]{}()?”!@#%&/,><‘:;|_~`)
  • Contain at least one number

You will also have to respond to one of the security questions you entered when you first registered. You will then be able to click on Update Password.

For security reasons, you will be asked to sign-in again, using your new password.


Updating your Security Questions

It is good practice to update your security questions periodically.

Clicking on Update Security Question in the Security Settings page will bring up the following dialog.

From the Current Question list, select the question you wish to update. Then select the New Question from the second list. You will then be prompted to enter an answer to that new question.

For security reasons, you will have to answer another previously entered security question. You will then be able to click Update Security Question to save your changes.


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How do I login and access the PWL Wealth Centre after the initial registration?

Click on this button located on the top right-hand corner of the PWL Capital website


Alternatively, you can bookmark the PWL Wealth Centre address:

Can I continue using the MyPortfolio + website from the National Bank (NBIN)?

Absolutely! We believe offering you more options is better. You can access the MyPortfolio + website by clicking on this button located on the top right-hand corner of the PWL Capital website


You can also bookmark the following address:

Will I continue to receive my Monthly Account Statements, trade confirmations and tax slips?

Monthly Account Statements are available in both the PWL Wealth Centre and MyPortfolio +

Trade confirmations and Tax slips are currently only available in MyPortfolio +


Thank you for using the PWL Wealth Centre. If you have any questions or require some assistance, please contact your PWL Advisor Team.