January 2020 Edition

Vision 2020

As we welcome a new year, we take a moment to remember our underlining objective: to help you reach your financial goals and prioritize your best interests.

Looking forward to what this new decade might bring us, we also pause to reflect on the incredible milestones PWL Capital has been able to achieve. Within the last five years and by almost all metrics, PWL has more than doubled in size. We are grateful and proud to say that you entrust us with $3.5 billion of your assets. This growth has been sustained thanks to the trust and confidence you put in us.

Our teams in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo have been growing with the addition of bright young talented professionals. This employee growth demonstrates our commitment to delivering great personal service to you. We now have 65 dedicated employees across our four locations and we are looking forward to continue to hire the best minds, as we prepare the future of our firm.

Our mission, to help Canadians make better decisions when it comes to their financial well-being, has been a touchtone at PWL since our inception. We believe that through education and communication, our message will be the key to furthering this mission. As we continue to write blogs and whitepapers, produce podcasts and videos, and contribute to the latest investment research, we are helping more and more Canadians learn a little bit more about the financial world. We intend to continue with the same fervor, because things can always be clearer when it comes to your finances, your retirement plan, and the goals you share with your loved ones.

This ethos is not just part of the PWL organizational DNA, but one you can find in the hearts of our people. Our commitment to offering sound financial advice starts with you, but always extends outwards. Our content creators, our very own financial advisors and portfolio managers, have published over 1,000 blogs, more than 300 videos, 150 podcast episodes and more than 150 whitepapers, e-books and financial tools. This approach allows us to broaden and diversify our audience, deepen our research and in turn answer more of your questions and address more topics that are of interest to you. It also enables us to reach out to the community, interview luminaries, academics and people who believe like us, that making sense of your finances is key to your peace of mind.

As always, we thank you for the confidence and trust you place in us. We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy 2020.

Brenda Bartlett
CEO, President & Member of the Board

Anthony S. Layton
Portfolio Manager & Chairman of the Board

James Parkyn
Portfolio Manager & Vice-Chairman of the Board

Cameron Passmore
Portfolio Manager &  Member of the Board


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