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How Do You “Inflation-Proof” Your Investments?

You already know that, thanks to inflation, a dollar today doesn’t buy you as much as it used to. You also know what that means to your paycheque: If you don’t receive a raise now and then, your spending power actually decreases over time.

Inflation also munches away at the money you set aside for saving instead of spending. Set aside $1,000 today and, at 2% inflation, your $1,000 is expected to only buy about $820 worth of goods and services a decade from now. This can become especially harmful once you’re in retirement, with less earning power from your career.


So how do you “inflation-proof” your savings? That’s where the stock market comes in handy. Just as you seek periodic raises at work, you can also put your savings to work for you. The trick is to invest some of it in the stock market, where it is expected to handily outperform inflation over time.

Then again, beating inflation by investing in the stock market does not mean you have to beat the market itself … as so many investors try to do. Check out today’s “No Dumb Question” video to learn more about why you can – and should – take control over the impact of inflation on your carefully saved reserves.

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The Blood, Sweat and Tears of Selling Your Business

You may be running the most successful business in all of Canada, but if you’ve never sold a business before – and the time may come when you want to – how do you address important questions you may not have even thought to think about?

That’s what today’s “No Dumb Questions” is all about. Of course, if the day comes when you do decide to sell your business, you want all of that hard work and labor of love to pay off in hard, lovely dollars – the more the merrier. Instead, too often, I’ve seen potential proceeds from prosperous businesses evaporate through lack of planning.


That means a couple of things. First, it means it’s never too early to start considering the “what ifs” related to a business sale, even if it may be years away. It can help to talk it through with your advisors to save yourself hassles and headaches if and when the time does come (especially if the timeframe may be tight at the time).

Second, you’ll want to have a process – and likely some people – to help walk you through a number of the “-als.” What do I mean by that? I’m talking about the emotionals, behaviourals, practicals, logisticals and, last but not least, the financials.

Ready to get started? Check out today’s video. And if it reminds you of other questions about balancing your business and personal interests, let me know. So many “No Dumb Questions,” so little time in a busy business professional’s life!

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