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Can The Dividend Yield Predict Returns?

“High dividend paying stocks do not reliably earn above-average, risk-adjusted returns” is the catchy first line of a recently released paper.  The percentage of firms that pay a dividend has fallen from 63% in 1972 to 36% in 2011.  But where did the money do?  Share repurchase? Debt repayment?

This paper looks at what can be learned from these decisions that companies make, and whether this information can add value to portfolios.

In this week’s Science of Investing, host Jason McIntyre and Cameron discuss this as well as the Santa Claus dividends leading up to the potential fiscal cliff in the US.

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What Can Be Learned From Insider Trading (or not trading).

Insiders routinely trade shares in their company.  This information is made public in a very efficient and transparent manner. But what can you learn from this information?


A recent study from researchers at Cornell University looked at what can be learned from insiders NOT trading, and the results are the topic of this week’s Science of Investing with host Jason McIntyre.

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