Cameron Passmore takes on majority ownership of PWL Capital.

April 29, 2021 – PWL Capital Inc. has secured its future with a 100-year vision including a multi-generation succession plan. Putting its people and culture at the heart of his vision, the plan comes to life as Cameron Passmore, Portfolio Manager and Partner of 24 years at PWL, becomes the new majority shareholder of PWL Capital and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Passmore acquired Anthony Layton’s shares in PWL, allowing Mr. Layton to successfully retire from his role of Chairman and Portfolio Manager and co-founder at PWL Capital. Mr. Passmore will remain in a lead advisory position, while setting the strategic direction for PWL, overseeing the development of its people, and the technology platform to build the premier wealth management firm in Canada.

With the succession planning crisis in the investment industry in Canada, Mr. Passmore’s new structure is showing what is possible for the future of wealth management firms. This sustainable framework encourages and welcomes the next generation of young leaders to become owners of the future success of PWL Capital.

“Our people and culture drive our success,” said Cameron Passmore, Executive Chairman and Portfolio Manager “they are the foundation of our new structure and solidifies our commitment to remaining a private, independent firm owned by our people. Having a vested interest in the firm will further our innovation and planning for new projects to better serve all our clients, employees, and shareholders.

“This is the best model for our firm and our clients,” said Brenda Bartlett, President and CEO. “PWL Capital’s succession plan is an opportunity for our younger generations of leaders to play an important role in wealth management. It’s about the people.”

This next step in PWL Capital’s journey will create a space to foster an ongoing continuity for years to come while the firm remains fully independent. The new structure ensures all PWL Capital clients will continue to receive a holistic service tailored to their needs. Clients will continue to enjoy the dedicated service they receive from their advisor and service teams today, from all four offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo. PWL Capital continues to be a trailblazer while entering the new decade.

Cameron Passmore joined PWL Capital in 1997 as a partner and Portfolio Manager. He has been in the financial services industry since 1993. Mr. Passmore has been an active advocate for evidence-based, systematic investing for over 20 years in the Ottawa area. His practice serves a broad clientele, with a specialty in technology entrepreneurs and their employees.



PWL Wealth Management is a premier independent Canadian Wealth Management firm with offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo. Canadian High Net Worth families entrust PWL to manage their investment portfolios on a discretionary basis and provide holistic financial advice for all facets of their lives. Financial Planning, Tax and Estate services are delivered via PWL Advisor Inc., and investment management is delivered via PWL Capital Inc. which is a Broker Dealer and IIROC member firm. Both PWL Conseil and PWL Capital are wholly owned subsidiaries of PWL Wealth Management, with more than 75 employees.