There’s an inherent dilemma in a busy professional’s life. The more successful you are in your career, the wealthier you become. Good for you! But more money also means more complicated financials. Eventually, they become more than you want to manage on your own, until you reach a point where your personal finances are best served by a “Do It Together” approach.

What’s “Do It Together” financial planning? It’s that sweet spot between understanding your financial interests – knowing the right questions to ask – without feeling as if you must take care of the zillions of details all by yourself.

I’m Peter Guay, a portfolio manager and financial planner at PWL Capital’s Montreal office. Whether we’re talking about wills or insurance, business structures or rental properties, taxes, investing or any other planning questions you may have, my “Do It Together” series will help you organize your financial life, without having to spend your entire life worrying about it.