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Why “Do It Together”?

May 9, 2017 - 2 comments

In my last “Do It Together” video for busy professionals, I introduced the notion that your financial interests may be best served when you achieve good balance between being engaged in your financial planning, without having to handle all the details all by yourself.

If you’ve never been in a “Do It Together” relationship with a financial advisor, you may be wondering what that looks like, how it fits into your lifestyle, and what value it brings to you and your family.

Today, I’ll take a closer look at that. After that, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start exploring some specific “Do It Together” topics. Have you got matters on your mind you’d like to know more about? Send me your own ideas any time.


By: Peter Guay with 2 comments.
  10/05/2017 4:19:16 PM
Peter Guay
Thanks for the kind words Frank! More good content to come, so stay tuned!
  10/05/2017 12:57:03 PM
Frank Tooton
This is excellent Peter, thanks for being holistic and realistic about engaging with clients about making personal money decisions!

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