A growing number of Canadians want to align their investments with their personal values. But the world of responsible investing can be surprisingly complex. This eBook answers your questions and helps you make decisions that are right for you.

Get answers to these questions:

  • How do responsible investments work?
  • Do responsible investments make a difference?
  • Do I have to give up returns?
  • Can I maintain an adequately diversified portfolio?

Read how responsible investing can help you put your money where your values are


  • Understanding the responsible investing landscape

Learn about the basics and get clear on terms used to describe different approaches to this style of investing.

  • Measuring sustainability

Find out how responsible investors judge whether a company is acting responsibly in its environmental, social and governance practices.

  • How responsible investors work

Discover the different strategies responsible investors use to screen out poor investments and choose good ones.

  • Do you have to sacrifice returns?

Get the latest research on how responsible investments perform and how you can ensure your portfolio is adequately diversified.