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I sought out the services of Dan Bortolotti at PWL after being frustrated with several other financial advisors over the years, since 1997, all of whom never truly had my interests at heart. I did Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Passive Investing with aid from Dan's Canadian Couch Potato website since 2011.

Then, as my net worth grew in my Dental Professional Corporation and personal family accounts, DIY investing grew too complex and I knew I needed professional help. So I immediately turned to Dan Bortolotti, and he has exceeded my expectations and added value .

Dan is the ultimate professional, very thorough in all aspects of his work and an excellent communicator who makes understanding even very complex issues easy to understand.
I appreciate that Dan always takes the time to understand all of my family's financial needs, always truly acts in my best interests and takes a long term approach to investing, using strategies based on proven, sound academic research ---not investment fads or hype !!
Dan is well-knowledged and ALWAYS responds very quickly to all of my concerns, including more complex tax-related and investment matters.

I have finally found peace of mind for my family's financial plans and portfolio, my current semi-retirement and legacy with Dan and PWL CAPITAL Toronto as my advisors.

I highly recommend these true professionals!

Andrew Liaw

We both felt very comfortable with the planning process, and the obvious skills of both Shannon and Justin.  Shannon was a whiz at changing the inputs; she clearly knows the software well.  We were very pleased and feel confident about our work together in the future with all members of the team.

Thanks so much for your on-going support; we are very comfortable that we made a good selection choosing PWL. 

Jan Nicholls and Paul Sobanski

Peterborough, Ontario

Justin and Shannon offer a level of personal service and expertise that I have not found from any other advisor.  I can rely on the PWL team for assistance with any of my financial questions, whether it be tax guidance, estate planning, insurance needs and, of course, portfolio management.  The ability to have nearly all of my financial needs met in one place is invaluable but, even more importantly, I appreciate knowing that I will always receive a prompt response to any questions that I may have.

Dan and Michelle Scholes

Thornhill, Ontario

Justin and Shannon were very helpful to us in making the transition from our former mix of mutual funds to a more appropriate, lower cost, ETF-centred investment portfolio. Justin's deep knowledge of ETF investing, combined with his patient and thorough explanation of the strategy being employed, was very reassuring. We are impressed with our PWL team, and very pleased to have them managing our new investment portfolio.

Brian and Joyce

Toronto, Ontario

My association with Justin, Shannon and PWL Capital is a recent one but it is a relationship I hope will continue for a long while. Over the past several months they have demonstrated a confident professionalism and realistic understanding of my financial situation and expected requirements. They have given me the sense of security and trust that I am looking for from advisors/planners to manage my finances throughout my retirement. I feel that I am in good hands.

Randy Kenney

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

I've been a client of PWL Capital since September 2012 and have had the pleasure of dealing with Justin Bender & Shannon Dalziel.  They've provided me with the peace of mind that comes from knowing my investments aren't being exposed to unnecessary risks.  They've always made a point of promptly answering any questions I've had and processing all my instructions in an expeditious manner which has led to a very positive working relationship.

Richard Z.

Maple, Ontario

PWL Capital has handled my finances for about 10 years.  Most recently I have had the pleasure of working with Justin and Shannon, extensively. "Know your client", the buzz phrase in the advisory business is clearly a phrase that lives and breathes in Justin and Shannon, and at PWL.  This philosophy provides for appropriate, timely and relevant advice on top of excellent personal service.  

My confidence level is high as I start into a time of life when significant transitions are made.  Many times throughout my 30 year career as a Certified General Accountant I have had the opportunity to hear, speak with and review the work of a variety of financial advisors.  I rest assured that PWL and its staff are on top of my financial affairs and work within a conservative, reliable and standards driven organization.  

Jill Willington, CGA

Richmond Hill, Ontario

My wife and I had previously been involved with a different investment company for more than ten years (active management). We then decided to do the investments on our own based on the passive investment model.

We achieved more satisfaction with this approach. As our net worth value increased we decided we needed professional help. Three different companies were interviewed. Two companies used the passive model and one used the active model of investment.

We decided to sign on with Justin Bender/Shannon Dalziel at PWL Capital in Toronto.

There were several reasons for this decision. They include the following:

  • Passive investment model (based on Nobel Laureate economist- Eugene Fama)
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Transparency with regards to fees and model of investment
  • Adherence to the fiduciary standard

My wife, with apologies had very little interest and understanding of investments. Justin however was able to explain the strategies to Julie in a manner which she was able to understand.

In the event of the unexpected my wife Julie felt that she would be able to work safely with Justin and Shannon.

Justin and Shannon also respond in a timely, concise and an efficient manner to all questions.

 I am looking forward to a continuous and prosperous relationship with the team.

I would have no hesitation to recommend this team.

Dr. Rashid Rajah (MD) and Julie Rajah

Toronto, Ontario

We stumbled across Justin’s blog and were impressed by his clear, concise and methodical approach to explaining his investment strategies. He obligingly prepared a customized proposal for us to address a relatively complex account structure with registered, non-registered and corporate accounts. We signed on, and have received outstanding guidance and support from Justin and Shannon over the last six months. We especially value the math-based rationale, and emphasis on asset locations and tax implications – as these require a lot more in-depth knowledge and experience than self-education can provide. And then there is the highly responsive and accommodating style (including a custom performance report), reasonable fees, and willingness to go above and beyond (including looking at our convoluted insurance situation). Thank you Justin and Shannon, the building blocks are now in place - looking forward to many years of successful low-cost index investing.

Arman Mirchandani

Toronto, Ontario

Shannon and Justin are a rare find in the industry. Before switching I was being charged up to 2.5% in hidden fees under the clandestine cartel of small print. PWL took the time to fully understand my financials and set me up with a plan that openly states their fees, risk, and clearly articulated the nature of the investments. They even saved me thousands of dollars in forex fees transferring money from US PayPal and Stripe accounts - it's refreshing to meet a team so up to date with the latest tech. With a great DIY portfolio service, unique small cap opportunities, and weekly newsletters you'll actually read, I can't recommend this team's services enough.

Mark Dunkley

Toronto, Ontario