Responsible Investing: Putting Your Money Where Your Values Are

A growing number of Canadians want the way they invest their money to align with their personal values. They want to know the companies they invest in pay attention to the impact they have on the environment and their employees and communities, and that they are making decisions in an ethical manner.

The result has been a rapid increase in the importance of responsible investing for both institutional investors, such as pension funds, and individuals saving for their retirement. They are part of a worldwide movement.

Globally, there is US$23 trillion of assets being professionally managed under responsible investment strategies, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.

However, many people who are considering moving their savings into responsible investments—and even many who have already done so—have questions about this style of investing.

  • What makes an investment responsible?
  • How can I be sure my investments truly reflect my values?
  • Does responsible investing make a difference?
  • Do I have to give up returns?
  • Can I maintain an adequately diversified portfolio and control my risk?

At PWL, we have long championed an evidence-based approach to investing, relying on scientifically proven principles to build portfolios that capture maximum risk-adjusted returns. In recent years, we have added the concept of values-based investing, while still ensuring all our portfolios remain anchored on sound evidence-based principles.