A Guide to Fixed-Income Investing

Bonds and other fixed-income securities do not receive much coverage in the media for a number of reasons. First off, bonds are a bit technical. While the drivers behind the ups and downs of a stock are easy to understand, those underlying bond returns are less straightforward. Secondly, everyone understands that with the current low interest rates available worldwide, future bond returns will likely be very modest, which isn’t likely to make them a popular topic. And finally, there is far less publicly available information about bonds than stocks. Nonetheless, bonds and other fixed-income investments account for a major portion of most people’s portfolios. This section aims to equip the reader with the basic tools to navigate the fundamentals of bond investing.

Table of Contents

1. The Basics

2. Bond Pricing

3. Bond Risks

4. Taxation of Fixed-Income Returns

5. Bond Portfolio Management

6. Fixed-Income Vehicles

7. The Strategic Role of Fixed Income in a Diversified Portfolio