Welcome back to another episode of the Rational Reminder! We are doing another variety show for all of you and this week we cover some news, current affairs, questions and of course our staple bad advice of the week! We start the show looking at the restructuring of swap-based ETF’s from Horizons before looking at Michal Burry’s latest commentary and predictions. From there we move onto John Rekenthaler’s recent article on Morningstar about Canadian financial advice and what it is lacking. We discuss gold and why it is still not a good investment choice for almost all situations and even draw on some inspiring words from Warren Buffett on the subject! The conversation then turns to tax-loss selling; we unpack how it is possible to use this tactic to your advantage and look at some of the specifics that it entails. Lastly. we cover a particularly bad piece of advice that had the Twitter community up in arms recently! So for all of this and a bit more, listen in with us today!


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Key Points From This Episode:


  • Horizons’ restructuring of swap-based ETF’s and what this means. [0:01:48.5]
  • Michael Burry says that index funds are creating a bubble in large stocks. [0:05:2]
  • ‘Canadian Financial Advice, Good Intentions but Bad Results’. [0:07:51.4]
  • Warren Buffet’s classic gold explanation from a while back. [0:11:17.7]
  • The example of Brazil; hyperinflation and the price of gold. [0:14:38.2]
  • Tax loss selling and knowing the ins and outs of how much you are paying. [0:21:37.5]
  • Looking at some examples of tax loss selling and how they play out. [0:26:32.6]
  • The best hypothetical times to do a tax loss sale. [0:31:19.8]
  • This week’s bad advice! [0:33:50.8]
  • And much more!


“Just a reminder, you can only use capital losses to offset capital gains.” — @CameronPassmore [0:25:37]

“Understanding each individual situation if you are going to be doing loss sales is so important.” — @benjaminwfelix [0:31:55]


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Download the transcript of this episode here: Rational Reminder Podcast – EP.62 – Transcript