PWL Capital’s Toronto team will work hard to ensure you reach your financial goals by combining disciplined portfolio management, ongoing planning, and a commitment to attentive service.

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How would you like to be at the top of the class with your investments? As in many other areas, standing out with your investment results requires good documentation. To do this, a good starting point is the report published by the research firm Standard and Poor’s (also known as the “SPIVA®” report or “Standard and Poor’s Index versus Active”) on the performance of actively managed mutual funds in Canada.

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  • PWL has provided me with the peace of mind that comes from knowing my investments aren’t exposed to unnecessary risks. They’ve always made a point of promptly answering any questions I’ve had and processing all my instructions in an expeditious manner, which has led to a very positive working relationship.

    Richard Z Maple, Ontario
  • Justin, Shannon and PWL Capital have demonstrated a confident professionalism and realistic understanding of my financial situation and expected requirements. They have given me the sense of security and trust that I am looking for: I feel that I am in good hands.

    Randy Kenney Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Shannon and Justin are a rare find in the industry. Before switching I was being charged up to 2.5% in hidden fees. PWL took the time to set me up with a plan that openly states their fees and clearly articulated the nature of the investments. It’s refreshing to meet a team so up-to-date with the latest technology. I can’t recommend this team’s services enough.

    Mark Dunkley Toronto, Ontario
  • PWL Capital has handled my finances for about 10 years. My confidence level is high as I start into a time of life when significant transitions are made. I rest assured that PWL and its staff are on top of my financial affairs and work within a conservative, reliable and standards-driven organization.

    Jill Willington Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • We both felt very comfortable with the planning process and the obvious skills of Shannon and Justin. We feel confident about working together in the future with all members of the team.

    Jan Nicholls and Paul Sobanski Peterborough, Ontario
  • We decided to sign on with Justin and Shannon at PWL Capital for several reasons: the passive investment model, good interpersonal skills, transparency with regards to fees, and adherence to the fiduciary standard. I would have no hesitation to recommend this team.

    Dr. Rashid Rajah (MD) and Julie Rajah Toronto, Ontario
  • Justin and Shannon offer a level of personal service and expertise that I have not found from any other advisor. The ability to have nearly all of my financial needs met in one place is invaluable and, even more importantly, I appreciate knowing that I will always receive a prompt response to my questions.

    Dan and Michelle Scholes Thornhill, Ontario
  • We have received outstanding guidance and support from Justin and Shannon. We especially value the math-based rationale and emphasis on asset location and tax implications. And then there is the highly responsive and accommodating style—including custom performance reports—reasonable fees, and willingness to go above and beyond.

    Arman Mirchandani Toronto, Ontario
  • I sought out the services of Dan Bortolotti at PWL after being frustrated with several other advisors over the years. He has exceeded my expectations: Dan is the ultimate professional, very thorough in all aspects of his work and an excellent communicator who makes even complex issues easy to understand. He takes the time to understand my family’s financial needs and always acts in my best interest. I have finally found peace of mind with Dan and PWL Capital Toronto as my advisors.

    Andrew Liaw, Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
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    CFA, CFP, B.Comm., Portfolio Manager
    With more than a decade of experience managing portfolios, Justin is focused on keeping costs and taxes low for his clients. His skills as an analyst and researcher have made him widely respected in the ETF industry.
    CFP, CIM®, B.Comm., Portfolio Manager
    With a passion for planning, Shannon enjoys helping clients see their investments in the context of their larger goals.
    CFP, CIM®, Portfolio Manager
    Dan works with clients to combine investment management with long-term financial planning. He also promotes investor education through his blog, articles and podcast.
    CFA, MFin., Investment Advisor
    Dustin is committed to providing unbiased, evidence-based investment advice to help his clients achieve their goals.
    PWL Headshot: Amanda Dalziel
    CIM®, Associate Portfolio Manager
    Amanda handles the administrative duties involved in managing client portfolios, including executing trades, cash management, and tax reporting.
    PWL Headshot: Wendy Bortolotti
    Client Services Specialist
    Wendy brings a financial background and detail-oriented skills to managing client services and administrative support for the Toronto team.

    Model Portfolio

    • 80% bonds - 20% stocks
      YTD Return -0.35%
      1-Year Total Return 3.39%
      3-Year Annualized Return 5.54%
      5-Year Annualized Return 4.50%
      10-Year Annualized Return 5.23%
      20-Year Annualized Return 5.65%
      25-Year Annualized Return 6.18%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -3.87%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 4.25%
    • 70% bonds - 30% stocks
      YTD Return 1.13%
      1-Year Total Return 6.31%
      3-Year Annualized Return 6.20%
      5-Year Annualized Return 5.45%
      10-Year Annualized Return 5.97%
      20-Year Annualized Return 5.92%
      25-Year Annualized Return 6.43%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -7.80%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 4.88%
    • 60% bonds - 40% stocks
      YTD Return 2.67%
      1-Year Total Return 9.33%
      3-Year Annualized Return 6.92%
      5-Year Annualized Return 6.45%
      10-Year Annualized Return 6.79%
      20-Year Annualized Return 6.16%
      25-Year Annualized Return 6.69%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -11.55%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 5.70%
    • 50% bonds - 50% stocks
      YTD Return 4.26%
      1-Year Total Return 12.52%
      3-Year Annualized Return 7.61%
      5-Year Annualized Return 7.41%
      10-Year Annualized Return 7.48%
      20-Year Annualized Return 6.41%
      25-Year Annualized Return 6.94%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -15.47%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 6.68%
    • 40% bonds - 60% stocks
      YTD Return 5.74%
      1-Year Total Return 15.68%
      3-Year Annualized Return 8.25%
      5-Year Annualized Return 8.35%
      10-Year Annualized Return 8.18%
      20-Year Annualized Return 6.62%
      25-Year Annualized Return 7.12%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -19.33%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 7.73%
    • 30% bonds - 70% stocks
      YTD Return 7.28%
      1-Year Total Return 19.01%
      3-Year Annualized Return 8.96%
      5-Year Annualized Return 9.35%
      10-Year Annualized Return 8.95%
      20-Year Annualized Return 6.82%
      25-Year Annualized Return 7.32%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -23.08%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 8.85%
    • 20% bonds - 80% stocks
      YTD Return 8.88%
      1-Year Total Return 22.47%
      3-Year Annualized Return 9.62%
      5-Year Annualized Return 10.30%
      10-Year Annualized Return 9.61%
      20-Year Annualized Return 7.00%
      25-Year Annualized Return 7.49%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -26.93%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 10.02%
    • 10% bonds - 90% stocks
      YTD Return 10.35%
      1-Year Total Return 25.89%
      3-Year Annualized Return 10.23%
      5-Year Annualized Return 11.24%
      10-Year Annualized Return 10.27%
      20-Year Annualized Return 7.12%
      25-Year Annualized Return 7.60%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -30.72%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 11.21%
    • 100% stocks
      YTD Return 10.14%
      1-Year Total Return 10.14%
      3-Year Annualized Return 8.19%
      5-Year Annualized Return 9.70%
      10-Year Annualized Return 9.87%
      20-Year Annualized Return 6.13%
      25-Year Annualized Return 7.58%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -34.41%
      25-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 12.45%

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    • In order to keep our fees low and our service level high, PWL’s Toronto team is only able to work with clients with household accounts totaling $1 million or more. If you do not meet our minimum, please visit the Canadian Couch Potato and Canadian Portfolio Manager websites for a host of resources that we offer for free to all investors.