Tony Layton, Peter Guay and their PWL Capital team members are here to help you achieve your financial goals. Driven by an investment philosophy centered on scientific evidence with a sound strategy grounded in academic research, the Layton-Guay team will help you make the financial choices for your future.

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Brighter Days Ahead

Though I am usually more sparing with my words, this year deserves more reflection than most. The pandemic has reached an extent that we have all now been touched by it, closer to home than any of us would like.

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  • PWL is proactive in sharing general financial advice and insights as well as highly responsive to questions, concerns and requests for action and processing of transactions. Wise, straightforward advice and very good communication … plain language when necessary for those who are not
    very literate in the world of investments.

    Anne Carlyle Carlyle Designs - Ottawa, ON
  • We feel confident that our portfolio is in good hands and that our interests are looked after. We have easy access to Peter and Tony and appreciate the relationship that has been built. Most of all, we appreciate the confidentiality afforded to us by placing our interests with PWL.

    Andrée Savoie and Mathieu Richard Adelin Properties Dieppe, New Brunswick
  • The PWL Capital team is simply the best in the country. PWL’s client care and services have been absolutely superb, from my very first meeting with
    Peter, Tony and their colleagues to my frequent and regular interactions with them. There are so many different things on which to focus in our busy lives, but I rest easy knowing that PWL is looking after my investments.

    Patrick M. Shea
  • It is important to understand that investing for the future is best left to professionals who understand one’s immediate, medium and long-term needs. Tony Layton and his team at PWL Capital are perfectly positioned to understand the needs of every individual client. We have worked with Tony and his team for a number of years, and we can recommend them wholeheartedly in terms of bringing their clients peace of mind as far as investments are concerned in a volatile world.

    David and Jill McDonald
  • Anthony Layton has served as my financial advisor for more than 20 years. I value his judgment and have relied exclusively on his skill in managing my finances and my estate planning during a less than salubrious time for the markets. I have recommended him to colleagues, to friends and to family and do so unstintingly.

    Derek Burney Norton Rose
  • During 2008 and 2009, Tony’s discipline kept me on track to fully capture the market recovery. He and his team ensured that my investment decisions didn’t get sidetracked by the media noise and my own emotions.

    Robert Murdoch Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers
  • Tony and his team have helped me to organize my financial affairs and achieve significant tax efficiencies, despite my extremely busy lifestyle. They have considerably reduced this burden for me and my family.

    David McAusland McCarthy Tétrault
  • Tony and Peter bring a personal touch to a very personalized approach to wealth management in all its dimensions. They are our true partners.

    Jane Hope TAXI Canada Ltd
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    MBA, CIM®, Chairman of the Board, Portfolio Manager
    Tony is a founding partner, Chairman of the Board and Portfolio Manager at PWL in Montreal with over 35 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. He is a firm believer that conflict-free advice is the only way to properly serve Canadian investors.
    MBA, CFA, Portfolio Manager
    Peter joined PWL Capital in 2004 to learn the business from the ground up. 16 years, many designations and an MBA later, Peter is now a Partner, Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner in the Layton-Guay Team.
    MBA, CIM®, Portfolio Manager
    Shweta joined the Layton-Guay team in 2009. As Portfolio Manager, she is a ‘right hand’ to Tony and Peter. Shweta’s experience and meticulous nature are cornerstones of the team's dedication to superior client service.
    Senior Financial Planner & Financial Security Advisor
    Mario joined PWL Advisors in 2000. His dedication and commitment are second only to his ability to provide clients with meticulous financial planning. He creates practical solutions to clients’ problems involving complex individual needs.
    Rebecca Solyom - PWL Capital
    Team Manager & Communications
    Rebecca joined the Layton-Guay team in 2013. Rebecca co-ordinates communications and events for the Layton-Guay team and manages all manner of administrative duties. She also performs countless specialized tasks in order to deliver an exceptional client experience.
    Julia McKinnon - PWL Capital
    Wealth Management Analyst
    Julia joined the Layton-Guay team in 2016.  As Wealth Management Analyst, she participates in client meetings with Peter, prepares projections, and is responsible for making sure all client needs are met. Julia brings to the team an incomparable level of client service and attention to detail.
    Justin Spina - PWL Capital
    Tax Analyst
    Justin has been employed as a tax specialist at PWL Capital since 2008. His primary duties entail tax preparation, tax and financial planning, and acting as an intermediary between clients and federal/provincial tax authorities.
    Geena Nguyen
    B.A., Portfolio Manager Assistant
    Geena is committed to continuing education and developing strong relationships, both professionally and personally. Geena’s next career goal is completing Financial Planner designation.
    Kevin Ligot
    MBA, Portfolio & Research Analyst
    After completing his MBA with a concentration in Finance, Kevin went on to work at Crédit Agricole CIB in France for two years before relocating to Montreal. He joined the Layton-Guay Team in August 2020 after a short contract for PWL’s Operations Department, where his work ethic and diligence were noticed by everyone in the firm.
    PWL Headshot: Simona Ivanovska
    Administrative assistant
    Simona began her journey at PWL in May 2017 as the Front Office Leader of our corporate headquarters in Montreal. In the spring of 2019, she became a full-time member of the Layton-Guay team in the role of Administrative Assistant. Simona brings precision, efficiency, and her positive attitude to every task she takes on.
    Sarah Boussâa
    Administrative Assistant & Front Office Leader
    Sarah joined PWL as Front Office Leader in early 2020 and has since taken on the role of Administrative Assistant to Peter. In addition to having the reception duties for the PWL Montreal office, she is responsible for appointment scheduling and account document preparation for the Layton-Guay Team.

    Model Portfolio

    • Performance Conservative
      1-Year Total Return 5.17%
      3-Year Annualized Return 5.17%
      5-Year Annualized Return 6.18%
      10-Year Annualized Return 5.95%
      20-Year Annualized Return -13.14%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -13.14%
      20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 5.16%
    • Performance Cautious
      1-Year Total Return 5.32%
      3-Year Annualized Return 5.68%
      5-Year Annualized Return 6.76%
      10-Year Annualized Return 6.13%
      20-Year Annualized Return -17.07%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -17.07%
      20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 6.15%
    • Performance Balanced
      1-Year Total Return 5.46%
      3-Year Annualized Return 6.18%
      5-Year Annualized Return 7.32%
      10-Year Annualized Return 6.28%
      20-Year Annualized Return -20.95%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -20.95%
      20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 7.23%
    • Performance Assertive
      1-Year Total Return 5.59%
      3-Year Annualized Return 6.68%
      5-Year Annualized Return 7.87%
      10-Year Annualized Return 6.41%
      20-Year Annualized Return -24.80%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -24.80%
      20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 8.37%
    • Performance Aggressive
      1-Year Total Return 5.72%
      3-Year Annualized Return 7.17%
      5-Year Annualized Return 8.41%
      10-Year Annualized Return 6.52%
      20-Year Annualized Return -28.60%
      Lowest 1-Year Return (03/2008-02/2009) -28.60%
      20-Year Annualized Standard Deviation 9.56%

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    Who We Are

    Trust. A notion too often assumed and not earned. Tony, Peter and their experienced team have earned a highly valued position of trust with families across Canada, acting as lead advisors in their financial affairs. Working with Tony and Peter, you can expect a relationship based on transparency and objectivity.

    Conflict-free, transparent and independent advice

    The PWL Capital team is fee-based and not compensated by investment products sold — unlike “big bank” brokerage firms that collect commissions and often underwrite the products they sell and stocks they promote.

    Reduced uncertainty and risk

    By investing based on scientific evidence with a sound strategy grounded in academic research, you can break the typical cycle of simply “betting” on stocks and trying to guess the future.

    Going beyond the portfolio

    Tony and Peter stand ready to provide valuable financial advice on issues involving family, cottages, business interests and charitable giving.

    Leveraging a multi-disciplinary team

    Clients derive added value from a multi-disciplinary team that structures cohesive strategies for investments, tax, retirement and other planning.

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    • PWL Capital works with clients who have, or will soon have, $500,000 or more to invest. If you do not meet this criteria, feel free to get in touch; we will be happy to point you in the right direction.