We focus our efforts on understanding client’s needs and translating those into actions. Personal financial plans are key to setting goals and determining savings and retirement income, as well as giving us the information we need to build the portfolio best suited for you. We strive to be continuously engaged with our clients, so we can provide relevant and timely advice. The feedback from our clients describes us as realistic, honest, and candid, with an attention to detail and concern about our client’s well-being.

Centered in Waterloo, Ontario we serve clients locally and nationally. The region of Waterloo is the fastest growing in the country (2020 StatsCan), with a barn-raising culture where we work hard together towards a common goal. We aspire to reflect those qualities. Our client base reflects our community of manufacturing, finance, technology, healthcare and education.

Areas of competence:

  • Design, implement and monitor your investment strategy to maximize after-tax, after-fee return per unit of risk.
  • The use of low-cost, diversified securities (e.g. ETFs) to represent asset classes that are the building blocks of a robust portfolio.
  • Total wealth management matching your assets, future savings, pensions and benefits to your personal goals, including concerns about the environment and social factors.
  • Retirement income optimization using advanced techniques developed in conjunction with the University of Waterloo.
  • Dealing with employee shares, share options and retirement plans.
  • Investing within professional and private businesses.
  • Advising on the risk/return trade-offs using debt and insurance.
  • Providing effective tax planning and tax reporting to your tax professional.

We don’t:

  • Set account minimums.
    Instead, we consider whether both parties are willing to invest up-front to build a personal plan and investment strategy that is the foundation for a long term partnership.
  • Rely on a single supplier.
    We have a clear view of how capital markets work based on decades of research, but financial theory did not end with the Efficient Market Hypothesis. In a competitive marketplace, we continually review the best providers of securities to achieve client’s goals.
  • Produce stand-alone financial plans.
    Goal setting and monitoring is key to financial success. This is a continuous process and increasingly integrated with portfolio management.
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  • Firstly, I want to say I am very pleased with Graham's financial advice. Over the 7 years we have worked together, he has taken much time to listen carefully to my need to have my retirement funds safe and to the myriad work/life changes that came along.

  • We have been working with Graham from early 2009, and  joined him at PWL Capital in May 2010 . During this time Graham has acted as our financial adviser in the early years of our retirement, and has provided us with help and advice, giving  growth and security within our portfolio, in excess of our RRIF withdrawal requirements.

  • Graham Westmacott and Susan Daley provide the best service one could ever expect. They are extremely realistic and I perceive them as being most concerned with what is best for us and our situation rather than just focused on sales.

  • Graham, more recently joined by Susan, has been our financial advisor since 2006 and we moved to PWL with him in 2010. Graham's ability to analyze each client's situation, preferences and needs seems outstanding to us.

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