Conversations with empowered businesswomen about the milestones that made them who they are. Hosted by Nancy Graham of PWL Capital.

In today’s special Businesswoman of the Year Award episode, you’ll meet the remarkable Allyson Chisnall, who will relate how she transitioned from being a “couch potato” and full-time accountant, to becoming a triathlete, and CFO/COO of MediaStyle. How does she do it … and raise a family?

She credits teamwork, determination, and the power of being open to asking others for help. She also prioritizes making room for personal time. “I say to my friends who are struggling, make an appointment with yourself, and keep that appointment.” That’s good advice, and one reason Allyson was nominated for a Business Woman of the Year award from the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa. Check out the rest of Allyson’s tips today.