Figuring out how to fund your retirement from your savings has been called the most difficult challenge in personal finance.

How much money should you have in the stock market? How much can you safely withdraw each year? Get it wrong and you could run out of money or live too frugally and leave an unintentionally large bequest to your heirs.

This free eBook shows you how you can stay on target and enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed of and earned.

You’ll discover:

  • How much money you need in retirement (It may be less than you think)
  • Why traditional approaches to managing your savings are risky
  • Proven strategies to stay on track by adjusting to market fluctuations
  • How you can spend more without saving more


The ground shifts for retirees

Lower market returns, increased longevity and the disappearance of pension plans are putting more pressure than ever on retirees.

Conventional approaches to fund your retirement

Traditional set-it-and-forget approaches to funding retirement are risky

Optimization: A new way to a more secure retirement

How proven strategies for adapting your asset allocations and withdrawals will allow you to stay on track and maximize your spending.