Geena joined the Peter Guay team in September 2018. She had worked for the brokerage division of one of the big five banks for over 7 years and spent another 6 years at a Swiss-based private wealth management firm before joining PWL.

Geena works closely with Shweta in managing client portfolios. Her responsibilities include account monitoring and administration and trading.

Geena has a strong interest in fine art, especially dance. Argentine tango has been her “addiction” for the past 7 years. Geena also practices Latin dances, and flamenco. Some of Geena’s favorite pastimes include painting, tennis, cycling, volunteering and planning her next trip.

Peter Guay Team

Who We Are

Trust. A notion too often assumed and not earned. Peter and his experienced team have earned a highly valued position of trust with families across Canada, acting as lead advisors in their financial affairs. Working with Peter, you can expect a relationship based on transparency and objectivity.

  • Conflict-free, transparent and independent advice

    The Peter Guay team is fee-based and not compensated by investment products sold — unlike “big bank” brokerage firms that collect commissions and often underwrite the products they sell and stocks they promote.
  • Reduced uncertainty and risk

    By investing based on scientific evidence with a sound strategy grounded in academic research, you can break the typical cycle of simply “betting” on stocks and trying to guess the future.
  • Going beyond the portfolio

    Peter stands ready to provide valuable financial advice on issues involving family, cottages, business interests and charitable giving.
  • Leveraging a multi-disciplinary team

    Clients derive added value from a multi-disciplinary team that structures cohesive strategies for investments, tax, retirement and other planning.

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  • Peter works with clients whose household investable assets total $1 million or more.